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The day I met you

我的歌声里 – 曲婉婷

You Exist In My Song – Qu Wan Ting



Without any precaution


And without any trace of apprehension


You suddenly appeared in my world

带给我惊喜 情不自己

Bringing me a surprise I couldn’t resist

可是你偏又这样 在我不知不觉中

But, you did it simply, unknowingly by me

悄悄的消失 从我的世界里

You quietly disappeared from my world

没有音讯 剩下的只是回忆

Without a word leaving me in memories

你存在 我深深的脑海里

You exist deeply in my deep mind

我的梦里 我的心里 我的歌声里

My dreams, my heart and my song

你存在 我深深的脑海里

You exist deeply in my deep mind

我的梦里 我的心里 我的歌声里

My dreams, my heart and my song

还记得我们曾经 肩并肩一起走过那段繁华巷口

Still remember when we walked side by side through the bustling corner

尽管你我是陌生人 是过路人

Although we were just strangers passing by


Our feeling touched each other

一个眼神 一个心跳

One glance one heartbeat


It was an unexpected pleasure


It is like

一场梦境 命中注定

One destined dream

你存在 我深深的脑海里

You exist deeply in my deep mind

我的梦里 我的心里 我的歌声里

My dreams, my heart and my song

你存在 我深深的脑海里

You exist deeply in my deep mind

我的梦里 我的心里 我的歌声里

My dreams, my heart and my song


Why did we meet in such a big world?


Is it a fate?


Is it a God’s will?

你存在 我深深的脑海里

You exist deeply in my deep mind

我的梦里 我的心里 我的歌声里

My dreams, my heart and my song

你存在 我深深的脑海里

You exist deeply in my deep mind

我的梦里 我的心里 我的歌声里

My dreams, my heart and my song

你存在 我深深的脑海里

You exist deeply in my deep mind

我的梦里 我的心里 我的歌声里

My dreams, my heart and my song


I crossed path with this song few weeks ago on youtube. This song really tells the story of us. It all started with a coincidence exactly 1 year ago. I arrived from Indonesia while she came from the UK. We met in an unthinkable place. None of us expected the encounter. We got really close, a lot of things have happened since last year. Good and bad. Laughters and tears. Sadness and happiness. We have gone through them all together one by one, step by step. We have fallen so many times just to bring us back on the rise. Then it came 2 months ago when she disappeared in tears. I was back into my slum, crawling dirt on the wall to grasp for fresh air. I will never give up longing for you. I will wait for your return.


Today, a year ago, we were just two strangers passing by in a ward.

Today, a year after, you remain deeply in my mind and heart.




With Love,



Can’t We Start Over Again?



It’s been a long long while

I know I’ve caused you pain

Living without you it’s not quite the same

Can we start over again?


I’ve played around too long

Running from end to end

Took you for granted I’ve been such a fool

Can’t we start over again?


All through my life of seasons

No matter how far I long

Always there’s something missing inside

Yearning to come back home


You are the one I return to

Love only love leads the way

Give us this chance to start over again

Darling, I’m coming home to stay

-Jose Mari Chan©-


This Heart Is Missing You

People have come and left me behind in this life

But losing you is totally a different misery

My life hasn’t been the same since you arrived

It will never be the same if you aren’t here with me

The loneliness is much more excruciating

We were one great force

Together we fought for our dreams

Never I have one settles as quickly as you to be part of me

This body and mind has lost its soul when you decided to leave

These lips lost its smiles

This heart lost its happiness

This world has lost its sun

Leaving me alone in deep dark sorrow

Will I ever see another sun?

Will this eclipse end tomorrow?

Will we ever meet once again?

Can we start all over again?

Leave all the pain and vain behind

Look to our future and happiness in the end

I will always wait for you to return…


10 April 2015



For Wei. Come back soon. I miss you deeply. I wish you are healthy and happy wherever you are now.


With Love,


One Princess


Thousands of stars lighten the night

A loneliness still in me without you on my side

New day comes new beginning

Will the sun warm the earth in this cold morning?

Earth depends on the sun, the moon and the stars

I don’t… I just need you

The first day when I met you in a random coincidence

It was like the sun finally rises after a long eclipse

Never I regret sitting for hours on the road side

Grounding myself under extreme heat just to see you for a minute

Many countless smiles you have drawn

A prestigious diamond I have found

You undoubtedly bring me a new life

I wish I would have the chance to refund

Before it is my time to be in the heaven

Endlessly I promise to fight for it… for your happiness

You are a beautiful angel came to my world

On my way to survive the slum

Ultimate happiness I could only be grateful for knowing you

Roses are created immortal representing your eternal beauty

Happy Tatty Teddy tells the story of us

A thousand stars to brighten your nights

Pandora box full of hearts to genuinely love you

Princess… you definitely deserve your happiness

In this day when you turn a new page

New beginning you will write from today

Eternal happiness I wish you would earn

Sincerely I wish I could be your happiness

So sincere even if you would only love me for a day I will make you the happiest day.

Happy birthday, my dearest Princess, Wei.

Msida, 28th March 2015


Be mature.

Be healthy.

Be success.

Be confident.

Be great.

Be unbelievable.

Be incredible.

Be strong.


Love you.

For Wei.

With Love,


Five Hopes When We Grow Old

Five is the number of fingers on one hand. We can achieve anything we would want to have when we are old with our hands. Hands are the most useful tools and can realise any hopes. Here I would like to share hopes I have when we grow old.

1. When I’m in my sixties..

I’m probably walking with sticks, starting to get demented, half bald with some left-over white hair, but I will still sleep on your side, kiss you in the morning when you open your eyes, tidying your clothes on bed after shower, eating breakfast together with you, making you toast or eggs, walking you to market or garden, massaging your legs when you are tired, telling you unimaginable stories, making you tea in the afternoon, dry your hair after shower, applying lotion before we sleep, hug you before you say goodnight, cover you with duvet before you fall asleep, kiss you when you close your eyes, and says, “I love you, dear. I’ll see you in the morning.”

I really want to do that.

2. Our Children

I want to witness you growing up our children. Your mother grew you up with a lot of presence and kindness. I believe you would transfer them to your children. You will grow them with a lot of dedication and love. You may scold them or get angry with them, I want to see that. I want to see when you play with our children, tell them stories of our lives, teach them about right from wrong, feed them, and guide them in life. Well, of course, I would not just be a spectator. I will involve heavily. That is why they are OUR children.

3. Family Trip

I always have this vision about my family in future. I want my family is a united family. I want to have as many family trips as possible. I want my children be close to your parents and mine. I could imagine when we make a road trip with our children. We would have laughs and smiles. When I’m driving the car, I would see this beautiful lady beside me smiling and laughing with our children. She once was a young girl I met randomly and strived with me through thick and thin, then took a journey in us and grow a family. She is the mother of my children, the woman I love the most. I would be very grateful that I finally manage to insert a little bit of happiness in you.

4. House Keeping

Since the first time we met, house keeping has been one of the things we mostly do together. I want to continue doing it with you for many years to come. Doing laundry, keeping bed, cleaning the kitchen, scrub the bathroom, cooking meals and so on. Did you know that I always feel happy to do them with you or for you? One day I will surprise you by cleaning your kitchen and you would think it is one of your housemates.

5. When I close my eyes for the last time..

I would like to smile for 5 reasons: I have accomplished what I had to do on earth, I have made my parents proud having me as their son, I have a happy family, I have you by my side and I know surely I have given you a happiness. Then I would close my eyes and rest in peace.


For Wei.

With Love,


Six Beauties I Like About You

Six days to go to your big day. I can’t wait to see you! Let’s talk about you today.

You are an angel. You have so much qualities physically and personality. I always describe you as “The Best Woman I Have Ever Met” I have seen models, actresses, doctors, lawyers, etc. I have met pretty girls, rich girls, etc. However, there is nothing like you. What is the best of you? The balance. That is what I have been looking for and that is what made me falling in love with you everyday. Now, the top six qualities I like about you…

1. Your smiles

I always remember the first time I saw that smile. It melted my heart. I always mention it. I really like your smile and you are very beautiful when you smile. You smile genuinely because your heart is happy. In reality, a lot of people faking smile because they feel forced to do it. For you, you just want to smile.

2. Your eyes

I honestly have never seen a more beautiful eyes than yours. I am sure a lot of people have pretty eyes, but your eyes speak. Your eyes tell a story about you. Your eyes are alive. For example when you are so happy for eating chocolates or lobsters or mussels. Your eyes are genuine, honest and truthful.

3. Your profile

I have met, seen, and known many pretty girls, beautiful ladies like models. However, it is such a rare incidence to see a beautiful lady with low profile. That is you. You have such a low profile. You don’t regard yourself highly but sometimes it becomes a lack of confidence and a mistrust on your own self. You disregard your own qualities. I have always said that you are brilliant and incredible. I have always believed in you.

Once you told me a quote that I will always remember and try to apply it to my life as well.

“If you would like to achieve something and you pushed too hard to make it happen, you would most likely be unsatisfied with the end result.”

4. Proportionally beautiful

One of few things that you are always not confident with yourself is just like other girls, you always feel that you are fat. Well, if you compare yourself with those photoshopped pictures, you would never satisfy with yourself. Fact is humans always have fat. However, what you have is proportional to your size. You really have a nice curve. They are natural. The fact you never work out to achieve it is something unbelievable. You always mention how you have fats only on your abdomen, but let me be honest, everyone does.

Hey girl, let me emphasise it again. Your beauty is real. You have a pretty face with wonderful eyes, lovely lips, and nice smiles. You are SEXY! You have a nice curve on top and bottom. I have seen millions of girls with nice body but never I admire them as much as yours. You can call me a pervert, but tell me a guy who does not see opposite sex in a sexual fantasy. Yes, even a gay will do the same!

Did you know? I always feel proud walking by your side because I know that everyone will be looking at you and they will read my mind as “Here is my sexiest girl!”. With a bit extra care and confidence, you will shine and destroy any men’s heart. Well, you have destroyed mine.

5. Maturity

Despite being in such a young age, I am sometimes very amazed with your maturity, with the way you talk and the ideas you throw. There are many times when you seem easily losing yourself but that is the process. When I see you among your friends, you are miles ahead of them in terms of maturity. You don’t think in the similar way your friends. You always think out of the box. Perhaps you have more bravery to adventure and explore. You are up for any challenges ahead. You are willing to face what you need to face.

There are many times I feel even more childish compared to you. I sometimes feel shameful that you could have thought things that I might never even consider despite being older. For example, when I get really upset for not getting the result as I wanted. You once said to me, “You are nearly 30 years old, not a 3 years old boy who can always cry when he doesn’t get his toys.” That strikes in my mind very deeply.

This is a great basic for you. This is what I always like about you. If I listen to you more instead of arguing, I would understand more. You could keep me on track. You could support me on my way to my success. I have never met a girl who offers me this but you do. That’s how I love you more and more everyday.

6. Your heart

This is the best part of you. The main reason why I fell in love with you and will always love you.

You have a great heart. You always try to be positive on whatever people do to you despite you don’t like it. You always try to be calm. You always want to help people even randomly. I remember when you picked me up at Gatwick Airport, you saw me but then you approached a handicapped old lady to offer her a help. You have difficulties to refuse people if they ask for your help. You always want to do your best to make others happy although it might hurt you in the end. You also always against talking badly about other people. You don’t take it easy if somebody talks badly about your friends.

You have a kind heart. You are loyal to your beloved. You are down to earth. You are wonderfully amazingly beautiful girl.


To end this part, I’d like to share your quote which you mentioned two weeks ago.

“I’m just a simple girl, an ordinary girl who just wish to have a happy and peaceful life.”


For Wei.

With Love,


My Sun


Day or night the sun never stops shining

It shines bright light for earth in the day

It gives a moon at night so earth is never lonely

Just like you keep on shining in my heart


Earth often forgets how important the sun is

But sun never gives up on the earth

Just like you keep on staying by my side


I could never imagine a life without you

I could never live my heart without you, my sun…


Msida, 22 March 2015



Please don’t ever leave me. Please stay with me. Please don’t give up on me…


For Wei.

With Love,


Seven Countries I’d Visit With You

Seven heaven. That is what people usually say. I have talked about activities I want to do with you. Today I wanna share about countries I would like to visit with you.

1. Japan

We both love the food. We both wish to make it to Tokyo. I wanna get lost there with you. Two foreigners who don’t speak Japanese but have the nerve to just blend in their cultures. It would be awesome!

2. New Zealand

I have done road trip in Ireland, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Australia. New Zealand somehow have a soft spot in my heart. I have never been there but I believe it is beautiful. I suggested to my elder sister for her honeymoon and she did not regret it. One day I will make the road trip around NZ and it will be you!

3. Ireland

You mentioned this last month. You would like to visit Ireland one day and see where I used to live, study, and get lost. Ireland used to be my second home. Unfortunately monetary crisis ruined everything. But, if Ireland did not send me out to Malta, we would not meet and it would be a bigger regret for me. One day we will drive my Irish road trip journey, from Dublin to Galway to Connemara to Cliffs of Moher to Dingli to Killarney to Cork and Waterford.

4. South America

I always wonder what does South America looks like. I believe they are beautiful. Brazil, Argentina, Peru, etc. I always have it in my mind that one day I will visit there with my half. Of course, I hope it is gonna be you.

5. Fiji

The little island somewhere East to Indonesia. Once I saw photos of Fiji and they are wonderful. Great scenery and one of the best nature to get lost from world.

6. Caribbean

No. It is not because of Jack Sparrow. I want to go there for the similar reason as for Fiji. I wanna go there with my love to get away from outside world, just the two of us and the earth.

7. Indonesia

My hometown. One of the most beautiful countries in the world. I will bring you around from West to East, from Toba Lake to Mount Bromo to Bunaken to Lombok to Komodo Islands to Raja Ampat and of course Jakarta.


You came and helped me to stand up. You lighted my flame. You are my life.

Only with you I could imagine to conquer the world.

Only with you I wanna travel around the world.

Only in you I am alive.


For Wei.

With Love,


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