Seven Countries I’d Visit With You

Seven heaven. That is what people usually say. I have talked about activities I want to do with you. Today I wanna share about countries I would like to visit with you.

1. Japan

We both love the food. We both wish to make it to Tokyo. I wanna get lost there with you. Two foreigners who don’t speak Japanese but have the nerve to just blend in their cultures. It would be awesome!

2. New Zealand

I have done road trip in Ireland, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Australia. New Zealand somehow have a soft spot in my heart. I have never been there but I believe it is beautiful. I suggested to my elder sister for her honeymoon and she did not regret it. One day I will make the road trip around NZ and it will be you!

3. Ireland

You mentioned this last month. You would like to visit Ireland one day and see where I used to live, study, and get lost. Ireland used to be my second home. Unfortunately monetary crisis ruined everything. But, if Ireland did not send me out to Malta, we would not meet and it would be a bigger regret for me. One day we will drive my Irish road trip journey, from Dublin to Galway to Connemara to Cliffs of Moher to Dingli to Killarney to Cork and Waterford.

4. South America

I always wonder what does South America looks like. I believe they are beautiful. Brazil, Argentina, Peru, etc. I always have it in my mind that one day I will visit there with my half. Of course, I hope it is gonna be you.

5. Fiji

The little island somewhere East to Indonesia. Once I saw photos of Fiji and they are wonderful. Great scenery and one of the best nature to get lost from world.

6. Caribbean

No. It is not because of Jack Sparrow. I want to go there for the similar reason as for Fiji. I wanna go there with my love to get away from outside world, just the two of us and the earth.

7. Indonesia

My hometown. One of the most beautiful countries in the world. I will bring you around from West to East, from Toba Lake to Mount Bromo to Bunaken to Lombok to Komodo Islands to Raja Ampat and of course Jakarta.


You came and helped me to stand up. You lighted my flame. You are my life.

Only with you I could imagine to conquer the world.

Only with you I wanna travel around the world.

Only in you I am alive.


For Wei.

With Love,


Eight Memorable Moments

Eight is the lucky number for Chinese-descent people. Let’s remember 8 moments we had together.

1. 26 June 2014

You cough.

“You sick?” I asked

“Err, no. It is just the weather.” you replied.

That was our first our direct conversation. Hundreds if not thousands of pick up lines for days. I was actually thinking of how to start a conversation with you. Thank God, you coughed.

2. 27 June 2014

There was this stupid man who decided to leave work two hours early by claiming he was hungry. He went to grab a pizza. He then sat by the road side at the bus stop under the summer heat in a Mediterranean island. He missed a total of 15 buses to bring him home. He was drenching in sweat because he wants to properly dress up to meet the girl. After one and half hour, this man patience finally was paid off. The girl arrived at the bus stop. The girl was surprised the man was there. Then the man didn’t know what to say to the girl, so he talked the nonsense about ‘how to take a cab in Malta’. A minute after, the bus for the girl arrived, luckily the man tongue could twist to ask for her phone number. It was the first time ever in 28 years, the man asks for a girl’s number. That stupid man who spent one and half hour waiting under the heat just to spend one minute with you and ask for your phone number finally went home with the next bus, he was tired and ended up with headache but he was super happy. We know who this guy, don’t we?

3. 1 July 2014

The same stupid guy finally dare to ask a girl out for the first time in his life. He was nervous and you were too. The first few sentences were awkward but somehow you and him just engaged easily. He told you about his dream, what he wants to achieve. That lunch at a small cafe would be unforgettable. You and him were wearing the same white colour. You also enjoyed your first kannoli. That conversation is the real starting line. The guy decided to pay for the lunch, you were shocked and felt uncomfortable. Then both of you made an arrangement that both of you will pay for meal alternately. He always arranged a cheaper meal whenever it is your turn to pay.

4. 19 August 2014

You had a friend visiting you in Malta. It is touristception. A tourist gets a visit by another tourist.

Both of you decided to do a diving class. I bet you knew I always wanted it. You asked if I’d like to join. Then we went diving together in Cirkewwa. Let me tell you, that was the best experience I have ever had. It was a dream come true and I could never thank you enough to realise one of my dreams.

We started with a boring class. We were so sleepy in a tiny poorly-ventilated room. I even missed some parts of the video and I could not answer the question. I had no choice but to copy your answer, otherwise I would have failed.

After that we followed our tutor to go to Cirkewwa. We practiced at the shallow water. Somehow you were diving upside down. You were swimming instead of diving! =D We then blamed about the heavy oxygen tank pulled you down. We found out later on that it was the size of the vest. Then we dived to 12 meter. I really enjoyed the scenery down there. With all the difficulties you had, you probably didn’t enjoy as much as I did, but I’m sure you had the excitement being under sea. We then went for dinner in Mdina. We ate so much and you finish a lamb shanks by yourself!

5. 11 September 2014

This is the day we went to Mount Etna. I briefly described it 2 days ago. We definitely had fun there. The worst part was when we were wondering why flies kept following me. Then it  suddenly rained, you wore my jacket and you got flies suddenly following you. We were still stupid enough that we did not realise it was because my hoodie had the smell of food I cooked before we went on the trip!

6. 12 – 13 September 2014

The dates when we went to Taormina. I explained how fun it was 2 days ago. Definitely one of the best memories with you for a long time.

7. 12 December 2014

The flight from Dubai to Singapore. I have to say this again. This is the first time ever I sit beside a pretty lady on a long-haul flight. I studied in Ireland for 6 years, travelled to Australia 2 times, visited USA, and have worked in Malta for more than 1 year! A total of 56 long-haul flights I have flown and only the 57th flight I could sit beside a pretty lady. After that moment, I have never sat beside pretty lady again! What a curse!

However, I would say I did not lose any moments there. 8 hours I did not sleep at all. I spent the time enjoying the talk with you. We chatted, ate, laughed, and ate the Grand Ferrero Rocher! Amazing in-flight entertainment is entertained by you.

8. 20 December 2014

The day I was in Johor Bahru. I really learnt a lot about you. From your favourite fruit is jackfruit until you look really like your cousin’s daughter! It is unfortunate we could not have longer time. If only we had more times, we could explore more and eat more. Thank you for you and your family hospitality. I would never forget this day and what you did when we had our own time.


I really miss those moments. We might have a lot of arguments before the moment, but those arguments are worthless when I felt happy with you, but what is more important is your happiness.

We shall have more happiness together to come.


For Wei.

With Love,



Nine Activities I Wanna Accomplish With You

Nine months we have known each other. Today marks the exact day.

I always told you I would like to do extreme things or something extraordinary with you. Here is 9 activities I really wanna rush our adrenaline together.

1. Ride a roller coaster

It ain’t as easy as it sounds. It takes some extra nerves to ride roller coaster after roller coaster, and to ride roller coaster with you would allow us to express our fun and joy together. I definitely can’t wait for it.

2. Hike a mountain

I always feel peace if I could stand up on the top of a mountain or hill. It gives me fresh air, raises me closer to the sky and releases me free. We did 2000 meters height of Mount Etna but we should do something that is really a mountain that we can reach the summit.

3. Watching a football match in the stadium

I have told you few times before that one day I will bring you to the stadium in Milan and we will watch FC Internazionale Milano plays the game. It must be Inter and it must be in Milan, because for me Inter Milan is like the Vatican for Roman Catholic or the Mecca for Muslim.

We will get crazy with the Curva Nord. We will jump and shout. We will have fun! One day, I will make you wear our colour, the blue of the sky and the black of the night.

4. Road trip

There is nothing else I would choose to do if I would a relax trip. Road trip. Hopping from one beach to one forest. Driving through the mountain, around the lakes, stop by the town. I never failed to make a fun road trip with my family, and if we have the chance, I will not fail ours.

5. Camping

Staying out of the city, out of the daily noise. Retreat ourselves and indulge in nature. Sit by the fire at night. Walk around the forest in the day. My rule of thumb for a relax mind is to go back with the nature.

6. Bungee jumping

The challenge says it all. We gotta do this together just like the roller coaster ride.

7. Hot Air Balloon

I always love the sky. The sky always makes me peaceful. The blue colour and white clouds comfort me every time. Flying on a hot air balloon is a lifetime experience. I always want to do it but I always wonder who I wanna go with. Since this is probably the only time I can go, then I would like to experience it with you.

8. Deep Sea Diving

We did this together before in Malta. It was such an unforgettable moment. We should one day do it again with better deep-sea like in South East Asia. This is just a different kind of world.

9. Skydiving

This is always my dream to attempt it and if I could do this with you, it will be an indescribable moment.


So, Wei, let’s plan!


For Wei.

With Love,


10 Memorable Places

10 days to go to the day that I have been waiting for months to celebrate. The most important day in our lives. The day that is meaningful for you and even for me. The day that I would like to spend with you for the rest of our lives.

I would like to recall the place we have visited together. The places where we spent our laughter and happiness together. Here is the top ten list of most memorable places for us:

10.  Msida – Malta

This is where it all began. In a small cafe in Msida where we had a lunch. It was the first time ever I asked a girl who was stranger to me for a meal. I never had the courage to do it. However, I did not want to miss the opportunity to know you. The desire to know you is too big to prohibit me.

I ordered the spaghetti with salmon. You wanted a chicken, however it was not available and you switched to salmon too. Somehow, I noticed how you were shy that day. I closed y lunch with a kannolo ice cream with a mini kannoli. I gave you to taste your first kannoli.

During the lunch, I spent a lot of time telling you my stories, my experiences, my dreams, and my goals. It began very awkward but I felt like I have known you for years. You were sitting there and listening to me like a little girl listening to a bedtime story. Whenever I asked you about something, you were shy and you had to pause few seconds to gather your thoughts back on track.

Obviously, I had to pay for the meal and how you refused and chased me to pay me was very fun. You looked like you were guilty. However, that showed me how you are different to many girls out there who expects many things from man. That was the first touch you did on my heart.

9. Gozo – Malta

Three months we spent together in the Maltese Islands. We started unexpectedly but when it got closer to the end, I really had a big time to deal with the sadness that I was losing you.

On the last day in Malta, we went to Gozo just for a quick lunch. You were really tired from the trip to Sicily. You slept all the way to Gozo and return. You only woke up when I reached the ferry terminal, on the ferry, and during the lunch time.

We were lucky there was a table for us. The only table left which was not favourable for people because the sun was direct to the table. We still enjoyed the lunch though. It was always amazing to see you eating mussels after mussels. You enjoyed every seconds of it. You just could not stop even though you were already full.

After you left, I was stationed in Gozo for 3 months. I always tried to avoid going there. Well, since you left Malta, I went there 3 times. I always sat on the same table. The picture of you sitting in front of me and your smiles always accompanied my loneliness.

8. Valletta – Malta

This was our last stop of our Mediterranean journey. Three months had come to an end. I picked you up at your place. You were wearing a white dress. You looked really elegant and pretty that night. It made me feeling proud walking by your side down the lane in Valletta. We had a dinner in a restaurant where I had my first dinner in Malta when I landed on the island for the first time. Lobsters and other seafood were our tastes of the night. It was one of the happiest moment I had in my life. I couldn’t stop staring at your beauty. Looking at you that night drew smiles after smiles on my lips. It was not perfect as I had planned but nothing is better than seeing you… happy.

7. London – United Kingdom

London is London. Full of life. We were just passing by the city on our way to go home. We decided to stay over night to have longer sleeps before our flights the next day. We dropped by Selfridges & Co. in London for a specific purpose of macaroons. Looking at you choosing your flavours were fun. You were so focus and enjoying that moment. You were being yourself. The happiness that shining out from your eyes were priceless. I would never trade it for anything.

The next day I had to catch my early flights to Amsterdam and Dubai. I was really worried that you would over-sleep and miss the flight. I just could not stop thinking of you on my flight to Amsterdam. I still remember how I had to call at the reception to call you in the room and asked your mom to wake you up too. This London trip was memorable because we had to separate on our way to Dubai to meet up for next flight to Singapore. It was amazing feeling when I figured out where to find you in Dubai. I would never forget the first thing you did when you saw me in Dubai.

6. Singapore – Singapore

Eight years have passed since the last time I visited Singapore. Then I landed again with you. It was my first ever time spending 8 hours flight from Dubai to Singapore non-stop talking with someone, no sleep or movies or songs. We just didn’t want that moment to end. Only when we landed in Singapore, I felt the true meaning of having you. I understood how meaningful every seconds I have with you. I would not want to waste them.

After you met your mom and brother then left me alone, I felt so lonely. I felt like I would like to just stay there with you. The same feeling I had when I had to leave Singapore to fly back to Malta. I purposely shook everyone hands one by one and left you until the end. I really wanted to hug you but I could not, so I shook you hand. You looked really awkward. It was the first time we ever shake hands.

Did you know? After I passed immigration, I just stood there and staring at the place where you were standing. Tears streamed down my eyes, but I had to walk my heavy legs to the gate. I really missed you.

5. Johor Bahru – Malaysia

Your hometown. There would never be more wonderful experiences than visiting you and your family in your hometown. I was honestly very afraid that I would not be welcomed. Surprisingly, your family was very welcoming and warm, even your relatives. I really had a great learning and enjoyable times there. I would never forget what your family have done for me when I went down there.

4. Cardiff – Wales, United Kingdom

There is too much to talk about this city. I would probably never land in Cardiff had I never known you. The reason I went to Cardiff was you and it is where I can feel my happiness. The reason is also because of you. Being on your side always makes me feel as I am home. You are my home.

3. Windermere – Lake District, United Kingdom

It was probably not the best time to visit when both of us were busy. However, it is undeniable that we enjoyed our moments there. Walking uphill with my heavy bodyweight and short breath. I was really struggling. But, when we reached the top, it was really fun. We could even play snow together. If only we had better and longer times, we would enjoy it even more.

Remember when we were by the lakeside? You were scared of a duck. You did not even move 1 mm from where you stood. The duck stood there like he was so strong. It is these little moments with you that made me happy, that made me not wanting to leave you.

2. Mount Etna – Sicily, Italy

It was really a difficult decision to make when I needed to pick a destination for us for our first trip together. I considered so many options including Greece, Rome, Milan, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and France. With the time constraint and limited budget, I decided to go Sicily with you. The idea of visiting Sicily never really crossed in my mind.

It had been some times since the last time I went on top of a mountain. It was you first time ever too. I believed it was one of the best memories I have with you. The struggle with the heavy rain while on transit in Rome and had our flight delayed for hours. That was your first time to have a pistachio McFlurry. The boredom of waiting for our flight really hit me hard and I started talking non-sense about calling Ryan.

After few hours of sleep, we went on the tour to Mount Etna. You really seem to have a good time. You just enjoyed yourself. Your tiredness was biting hard but you just ignored it. We climbed up 2 km. We stood on top of one of the volcanoes. We took a picture there and it is still my favourite picture of us. It was just the real expression of us being in extreme happiness.

I remember what you said to me when we reached the hotel in the evening. You said, “Thank you, Dan Dan. It was fun.” I will never forget the smile I had that day when I witnessed your happiness.

1. Taormina – Sicily, Italy

I did not know what to expect from this place when I decided to go there with you. We were exhausted when we arrived. We fell asleep at the balcony with the wind breeze. You were sleeping very deeply. Then we started walking around the town. From one end to another end. We did not know where to go for dinner or what to do. We just kept walking until I found Cinque Archi restaurant. We had a dinner there. The bread was amazing. The foods were delicious. You looked so happy to have those good meals.

After the dinner, we went on walking around the town and took pictures. There was one time when we were walking, you suddenly hugged my left arm and lied your head on my left shoulder. You said, “Dan, I really like this town.”

Before we went back to hotel, I was craving for ice cream. Every time I asked you, you did not want it. Then you realised that I was asking because I wanted it. You just decided to go back to town and grab one. I said no but you insisted and said that you wanted it. It was fun.

The next morning we had a breakfast in the garden. It was a great experience until there were some big bees joining our meals and we had to quickly finish up. After the breakfast, we went around the town and walked down to the Isola Bella. It was a really hot day, but walking with you is always fun. We played with flowers and as usual you like to disturb me by putting flowers on my head and ears. But, what was best from that day is when we found Roberto’s kannoli. The best kannoli we ever had. We just could not stop having it. We had 3 before we went to Isola Bella and we had another 2 after. Then we went to have ice cream. You fell asleep lying your head on my shoulder while sitting on the sofa. You slept so beautifully.

Afterwards, we went back to hotel to have a shower and quick dinner before we leave for airport. While we were waiting at the lobby, you said to me,”I really like this place, the hotel, the food especially the kannoli. We should have stayed 2 nights in here and not in Catania.”

I replied, “Then we need to come back here one day.”

You answered,”I want.”

I said,”I will bring you back here in 10 years time.”

You laughed. I meant it.

Taormina was the happiness we had together.

– End of Part 1 –


For Wei.

With Love,


240 Days

240 days
240 days ago 9:39 am
At the same time I write this
I saw a beautiful angel in front of me
A girl who is beautiful outside and more inside
A girl who managed to shattered my mind
A girl who stunted me and clenched my jaw
A girl who is charming, sweet and cute
A girl who drew a smile on my face
A girl who woke me up from my long sleep
A girl who carries me through thick and thin
A girl who hugs me and wipes my tears
A girl who wants to be with me despite my darkness
A girl who is hurt yet never gives up on me
A girl who is like a candle light in my darkness
She melts in pain and keeps on shining
A girl who is like a star in my night
She makes my nights beautiful
And my days colourful

240 days
240 days I spent with her
240 days we have known each other
We have had fights and cries
We have had laughters and tears
We have dived down the sea
And climbed up a mountain

240 days
240 days we never skip a day
240 days full of memories
Lots of tears but more of joy

240 days
From Mediterranean Islands to South Wales
From West Europe to East Asia
Day by day I fall in love with her more and more
Day by day I am longing for her more and more

240 days
Distance does not make a difference
Time does not have me tame

240 days
I cannot stop loving her
The girl I admire
The girl I care
The girl I miss
The girl I enjoy looking at
The girl I like to hug and cuddle
The girl I have my tears and laughs with
The girl I love purely wholeheartedly
From the deepest of my heart with the biggest honesty
The girl is you
Tan Wei Ting
I love you
I do love you
I really really do love you.

Msida, 14 February 2015
– edwongso –

Happy Valentine’s Day, Wei Wei.

It is unfortunate I cannot be by your side today but at least I have made an earlier arrangement for this Valentine’s. I hope you will like and enjoy the gifts, chocolates, dinner, orchids, roses, and the trip to Lake District. Last week, when I spent my time with you, I am out of words to describe how beautiful and wonderful my happiness was. I hope I could stay by your side forever. I would like to still buy you a bouquet of roses and have a date with you when I am in my 80s.

With Love,

A New Me

Good morning, 2015.

It is the first Monday of the year. It is the first week of the year. It is the start line.

It has at least been 2 years since my last New Year’s Resolution. It has at least been 2 years I have stayed down and low in the darkness. It has been at least 2 years I was isolated down in the dungeon. Alone and afraid to see the world. I have neglected life, hopes, and dreams for quite sometime.

I lost everything 2 years ago. I broke into pieces. I couldn’t see myself returning to the life I had wished, to the dream I used to have. I have lost my smiles. I grew up into an evil. I was disappointed with life. Depression over depression smashed into my life. Global monetary crisis bit me hard in the ass. I literally turned into a hard cold rock. I lived the life I was forced to live. Some parts of myself have died with the broken heart I had. Some of them went numb living the life I didn’t wish. I became skeptical about life and left everything I used to be. I never want to be kind, care, love, generous, heart-warming with life again. I felt betrayed.

But, in the last 7 months, there has been a huge turbulence in my life. An angel came to my life. She sparked my spirit back to wake up from my long sleep. She pulled me out from my darkness. She drew a smile on my face. She dragged me out of the mud. I crumbled every now and then, she stayed with me. I betrayed my promises, she didn’t leave. I exploded, she calmed. I love her. I know I love her, but myself isn’t ready. That’s why I never ask her to be mine yet. I want to repair myself first. I want to be a good man for her. Instead, I hurt her again and again.

Life has become full of regrets. Full of fights. Full of anger. I just never learnt from my mistakes or perhaps I was too dark to get some light. Until 2 weeks ago, I finally realize who I am. I need to change. I apologized with everyone I have hurt before. I want to move on in this life. I want to be the person I had wished I became 2 years ago. I want to be the kind guy, the generous man, the simple boy, the dreamer, the survivor, the warrior, the lover that I used to be.

I am tired. I am tired being a loser. I want to fight back.

2015. My New Year Resolution is so damn simple…


This is for my family.

This is for you, Wei.

This is for my friends.

This is for everyone.

I once said..

You’ve got to taste the worst to know the best


For the new me,

With Love,



Stay Strong For You


Tenanglah kekasihku – Be calm my love

Ku tahu hatimu menangis – I know your heart cries

Beranilah dan percaya – Be brave and believe

Semua ini pasti berlalu – All these would fade away

Meski takkan mudah – Though it wouldn’t be easy

Namun kau takkan sendiri – But you’ll not be alone

Ku ada di sini – I am right here


Untukmu aku akan bertahan – For you I will stay strong

Dalam gelap takkan ku tinggalkan – In darkness, I won’t leave

Engkaulah teman sejati kasihku – You’re my true soulmate, my love

Di setiap hariku – In every day of mine


Untuk hatimu ku kan bertahan – For your heart I will stay strong

Sebentuk hati yang ku nantikan – A piece of heart I always long for

Hanya kau dan aku yang tahu – Only you and me would understand

Arti cinta yang telah kita punya – The true meaning of our love



Translated by me.


26 weeks (182 days) ago. You came to my life. You didn’t just come and leave like other people. You stayed through many thick and thin. You survived through all heat and cold. You changed me. You transform my life. I was once a man who could care less about everything happening outside my world and inside me. I live my life from the time I open my eyes to close them again.

Then I saw you came. You shake my life. You teach me about love, about care, about kindness, about you. You tell me about having a heart. You build me to be a man. You stood strong when I crumbled down. You pulled me up when I slopped down. You draw a smile on my face. You brighten my days and lighten my nights. You shine inside me, in my heart. You give me warmth and love.

You made me love you for everything. You made me your warrior. You made me your other half. You made me significant.

I may not be able to pay for all you have brought for me. All I can do is fighting to be your happiness for now and ever. I have promised you that I will not leave you, that I will stay for you and be your happiness.

I sang the above song for you on 10th December 2014 on our way to London. I meant it every each word of it.

Half a year today. Many decades to come.

For your happiness, I survive. For my happiness, I love you.

For Wei.

With Love,


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