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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


I was nominated by my colleagues Jacob Vella and Sean Mizzi.

I am forwarding this to Irvyn Wongso, Widyamurti Paramita, Winna Edwina and Claire Vella.


With Love,


2012 In Memory

2012. What a year. It is now 2 weeks since the new year. I hope it is not too late to see how I did in 2012. Well, I didn’t write any resolution last year. I only had few things that I wanted to achieve. Let’s see if I have got them all done.

Here is checklist from last year:
1. Finish medical school and become a doctor. – I did.
2. Express and explain myself for people to understand. – It started promising until the day when everything crumbled down again.
3. Get a new pair of shoes and a new gadget. – I didn’t just buy a pair of shoes, in fact I got 4! and I got an ipod.
4. Celebrate Christmas and New Year with a new life companion. – It went miserably with a total failure ending. The saddest story of 2012.
5. Be more peaceful and more happy. – A complete fail.

It seems like I have got half of things I wanted to achieve, overall it didn’t seem too bad, but in fact it wasn’t a bright one either. 2012 was more gloomy and dark. It was a promising year but ended without any happy ending. So, what would I do or hope for 2013? I will tell on my next stop here.

I hope it’s not too late to wish a Happy New Year to everyone.

With Love,

So This Is Goodbye

So this is goodbye
The end of one life journey
I was born to live like a clown
Hop from town to town
To bring happiness and fun
But everything will come to an end
Six years one month one week and three days
Life has been good full of ups and downs
It’s time for us to part ways
Thank you, thanks Ireland and everyone for the love, friendship and happiness
To you my love will always be endless
To me it will be life in a new way
So this is goodbye..

Dublin Airport, November 4th 2012
– Ed Wongso©-

With Love,

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Hold Your Hope(s)

Today I rode rollercoasters for the third time in the last 2 months. It was fun but I had something to learn from today.

I still remember when I rode rollercoaster for the first time 11 years ago in Dunia Fantasi, Jakarta. I was so nervous. It was only because the excitement to sit right next to W, I felt (or made myself felt) confident. I laughed all the way throughout the ride.

Many years after I rode more rollercoaster in Disneyland and Universal Studios when I visited USA. They were more challenging and more fun. I was more nervous but I was ready for the challenge. I sat in front row and enjoyed most of it. Although every rides had its own effect, I was up for the challenge and took the risk.

This year I went for 3 rollercoaster rides in 3 different theme park in the UK. I was not nervous at all when I rode the first time this year in Blackpool Pleasure Beach. I made all like just a joke. Even my friends were scared of what I did. But, I didn’t care about the rollercoaster anymore, I just wanted the thrill effect. Then I went with my sister just a week after the first ride.

The second ride was in Thorpe Park. It was more thrilling and challenging. I have to admit that I was more nervous. I had a bit of palpitations but when everything was done, I just thought they are all the same, it’s just the process of the thrill that is different in each of them.

Today I went again with my sister and her friends to Alton Towers. I was up for it and few of them even bored me throughout the ride. They didn’t challenge me to nervebreaking effect. But, that is when I realised of something.

Imagine as if the rollercoaster is your life and the thrill effect is your daily problems. Imagine if you ride the same rollercoaster everyday, you would know what lies ahead and you may master it after few rides, but you would be bored after some times. Imagine if you have to ride different rollercoaster every now and then. They prepare different levels of challenge, sometimes it’s more nervecracking, sometimes it’s easily done. You will face many kinds of problems. You will master the easy ones, but you will be up for the challenges whatever they are.

The more rollercoasters you ride, the less fear you will have in your mind. You would just stand up and fight for everything that blocks your way to the finish line. But, one very important thing you need to understand is never be bored with the rollercoaster rides. Don’t lose your interest to ride for more even if they are the same one. Keep on riding them. Master them all. Because, when you lose interest in it, it means you lose your hope in your life and that is what you should fear most.

That was what I learnt today. I am not scared at all for any kind of rollercoaster rides. I will just walk in, sit down and go through it. I have no more fear. I don’t fear anything anymore. I don’t fear death. I don’t fear God (because God isn’t there for me to fear but He is there to lead, accompany, guide, help and live me). The only (seriously) thing I fear the most is I am bored with the rollercoaster rides and eventually losing interest in riding it which means I lose my hopes in life. So, I need to hold on to my hopes and so do you. We all have to keep our hopes high. Because people who committed suicides are those who lost hopes in their life.

“It is when you lose your hopes, you are actually dead, even if you are still alive” -eldios©

Hold tight on your hopes and keep on riding. It is so much easy to say it now even for me, but it would be better if I could apply it in my life.

Happy living.

With Love,

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The Paradox of Our Age

We have bigger houses, but smaller families;

More conveniences, but less time;

We have more degrees, but less sense;

More knowledge, but less judgement;

More experts, but more problems;

More medicines, but less healthiness;

We’ve been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet the new neighbour.

We built more computers to hold more information, to produce more copies than ever, but have less communication.

We have become long on quantity, but short on quality.

These are times of fast food but slow digestion;

Tall man but short character;

Steep profits but shallow relationships.

It is a time when there is much in the window, but nothing in the room.


-H.H Dalai Lama XIV-


With Love,


How I Met My Friends: Ireland Edition – First Class

Have you ever asked yourself how the first time you met your friends?

Do you remember what conversation you had the first time you met them?

I don’t have many friends in my life but those I have are really good friends. They are who have helped me through in each steps that I have taken in this life. Now I have finished my study here in Ireland few days ago, since then I have had many flash back about what I have been through in the last 6 years, about friends who will be leaving for only God know until when. Friends who were here beside me. Friends who stayed with me and supported me. Friends who pulled me up when I fell down. They deserve a place in my heart to be remember endlessly.

Six years ago, I started my journey in medical school. I didn’t have a good interpersonal skill. I was a quite guy who was too quite in everything I did, at least it happened for the first few months. The first friend who talked to me was a Malaysian boy, HHY. I never expected the way it started. It was just an ordinary day in a biology class. He came down the row and sat just across to my left. After the class, somehow I broke my social-anxiety barrier and I said to him, ‘Wow, you seemed to be more diligent now.’ Then we began our friendship. The next day he introduced me to AMA. The following week I visited HHY’s house and he introduced me to MZD and AM. I and HHY became closer as time went by. We shared to each other more personal stuffs. We shopped groceries together and we often ate lunch together. I just broke up with my ex when I started my friendship with HHY. He helped me indirectly to kill the loneliness I suffered. Our friendship was a real hard one. Each of us had our personal problems. Those problems sometimes surpassed our limits and made us did stupid anti-social attitude. Somehow, I believed that those hardships we had even bonded us stronger along the way. He eventually became my housemate in the third year of our friendship. We had even a lot more to share and I tried to understand him more though lots of times I failed to do. One and half year we shared the apartment until he had to leave for good. That was one of the saddest day in Ireland when I had to hug him for the last time at the airport. I couldn’t even speak a word on the bus on my way home. I didn’t go home because I was afraid that I would suffer a sudden loneliness. I went to Zara on that day. I bought a jacket, my favorite jacket until today for 40 Euro. That was my first ever buy from Zara. That jacket always reminds me of my ex-housemates. It reminds me that last day I met one of my best friends until the destiny unites us once again.

When I said it was the saddest day, it was literally the saddest one because that day it wasn’t only HHY who left for good but the other housemate also, MZD. Although we knew each other since my second semester, I wasn’t really close to MZD until my third year in Ireland after his wife-to-be (at that time) went home for good. He escaped from his shell and started to have more social life. He approached me after a microbiology class asking about possibility to move into my apartment. After taking some consideration, I and HHY let him moved in to join us to reduce our burden in paying the rent. We started our friendship quite late because we didn’t meet each other as much as we should. However, I do remember his first few words. He said, “Makan lah dulu kat sini, Charlie dah masak ayam” (Have your meal here first, Charlie has cooked chickens). One of the most memorable moment with him was the post-exam celebration few days before he left Ireland. We went to have lunch together in one of our favourite restaurant and we went to an arcade to play some machines. Until today, whenever I visit that restaurant, I still order the same meal as I did 2.5 years ago and it always reminds me of that last moment with my housemates. There were not much things we shared among us, but since he was sleeping in the living room, we shared bits and pieces. The most memorable one was our last chat in the night before he left for good with HHY. We talked much about our personal stories. We chatted for 8 hours until 4 in the morning, until he finished packing his luggage. He left earlier than everyone else because he wanted to prepare for his marriage and I really felt disappointed I couldn’t attend. It wasn’t long for us to know each other closer but it certainly has bonded us stronger. The last hug we had was really difficult for me to release. It was hard to see both housemates left together. It was even harder to arrive home and realized I would be alone for sometime. When I arrived at home, I just sat in front of TV. I switched it on but I didn’t watch anything. I just sat there and felt empty. They were the last housemates I had. Lots of memories and stories have built bridges between us and it should be kept for an endless time.

By making some new friends really helped me to develop a better social skill although it was going really slow. I didn’t make a lot of friends in the first year. By friends, I mean people who are in contact with me outside the school. It was only until my second year in Ireland that I broke another barrier. I don’t really remember how I could think about it, but that afternoon I asked her if I could sit beside her (SNAB). Then, our story began. We became a good friend. We went out together a lot for lunch and dinner. I often walked her home when it got to dark because I never like a girl friend of mine walk home alone in the night. It was one of the best friendship I have ever had. Until some day, some people became very busy and noisy and irritating and annoying. I was blamed as the devil. People started to making gossips and those news got into my nerve. My initial intention was to make friends and if it was wrong for any religion reason, I then decided to step backwards. If being a good friend was so wrong for others, then I shouldn’t be close to them because they would never want to try to understand my perspective. So, after the summer break, I tried to stay cold. It was hurtful. I never like to betray a friendship but I thought I did it for the good of us. I felt so guilty until today for doing that, to ignore her and avoided her at some stages. No matter how much I try to repay and ask for forgiveness, the guilt of betrayal is always there. I was not a good friend for her and I’m really sorry for this. That good friendship has never become as it used to be anymore although we are now back in touch, and it will never be the same again. What a shame. Thanks to those who called me, a satan.

My first 2 years in Ireland wasn’t really great in term of making new friends. I had only made 3 great friendships (HHY, SNAB, and AKI) and 1 who became a good friend after we stayed together (MZD). However, it doesn’t mean I didn’t know anyone else. I made some other friends but we weren’t as close as those 4. Those 4 know me more than the rest in class.

In the first year, I met AMA, a tough yet simple man with a strict mind. I don’t know much of him because his barrier to social life. He is physically maintained well but marriage is all over his brain cells. He always sat on the other end of the hall in the class.

There is also SA, a very directive girl. She keeps her points straight so often. She looks like someone who’s been hurt to me and try to keep her strength although she might be crumbling inside. But, deep down, she is a likeable person.

Then I also met AMM, a man who has a strong principle. He does to what he believes and he often doesn’t care to what other thought. He was one of the most wanted man but I had the belief that he had put his heart on someone’s and I was right. I wasn’t shocked at all when he came with the news he was getting married, but the ‘lost contact’ and ‘did not reply message’ he did after that really disappointed me.

I shall not forget to include Miss Blogger, a cameraniac, who I knew even before I left my hometown for Ireland. She texted me to get to know me before we meet in Ireland. She was sitting behind me for 3 months before she told me that she was the one who sent me a text message. She is a friendly home-bounded easily mellow girl. She was famous among us with her blog and remote control helicopter.

There was also 1 man who stayed in his cave most time but a really good person to tag along when you hang out. His humour is really fine. He was my housemate for few days because the blackout in his house. Unfortunately, I lost him. I still owe him big because he lent me his XBOX which helped me to strive loneliness after most of my friends went home for good.

Last but not least, there is AFR. A wild technology geek who tightens his belt for a fat pocket. He is a fun friend. We travelled together to the west coast of Ireland. We also happened to do our research together. We struggled through thickness together in the third year. The only thing I can’t follow him is his randomness especially when he is bored to death. Overall, he is a good friend but I hope he can be even better. There are things I shall let him know but I haven’t got the chance yet. I hope one day I do.

They were few friends I met in my first and second year in Ireland. They were the first class that made me comfortable in Ireland. They cheered me. They coloured my days. They are friends I would never forget. Some of us have been apart. Some might be apart in the future, but the bond of friendship should always be tightened. I hope one day we can meet each other again to share memories, stories, or just to sit and laugh together. I wish the very best luck to everyone.


Ireland Friends First Class


The making of friends, who are real friends, is the best token we have of a man’s success in life. -Edward Everett Hale.


With Love,


Final of Final

This is supposedly be my final yearbook in life. I have asked some closest people who may not know everything about me but they have been around me for years and decades, they have seen enough of me throughout times to be able say few words about who I really am.


“As his elder sister, I must say Edvyn is very mature and wise. Edvyn, my only brother, has many talents that women look for. Too much to say about Edvyn in such limited words. What I can conclude about Edvyn is that I am proud to be his sister.”
-CW, 26 years as elder sister-


“Edvyn can sometimes be very stubborn and annoying. However, he’s my chubby, lovely and caring brother who will always protect his family. He’s the person whom we can rely on since mature is his nature.”
-MW, 24 years as younger sister-


“Complicated yet simple, roaring yet romantic, stubborn yet soft and caring. Edvyn is my close friend for twelve years. His strong willed learning and loving will get him anywhere he wants to be in life. I’m so proud of him! I wish that he’ll accomplish all of his goals in life and still share his goodness with others.”
-AGL, 12 years as one of my closest friend-


“Edvyn is one of the toughest men I’ve ever met. He’s been through many horrible times but he always stood up again. He’s very generous, caring, loyal and patient although little bit stubborn. Although we are apart, I know he will always stand beside me every time I need him. I believe that someday he will be a very great doctor because I know that he always works with his heart.”

-WP, 10 years of a great friendship-


“My first impression of Edvyn was that he’s cocky and stubborn. He’s so naive about love. He doesn’t know how to ask a girl on a date. However, once you know him better, it’s easy to love him. He never lets his friends down although he’s so far away. He’s a very nice, super-kind, amazingly-caring, and someone-you-can-rely-on kind of guy. He’s my best friend.”
-VT, 7 years of a great friendship-


“Edvyn (origin: Eadwine) is one of the most loyal friends I’ve ever had. He’s a compassionate, generous, kind person who doesn’t hold back on time and money for those close to him, and is definitely an inspiration for me to be a better person every day. I’d like to thank him for being my close friend through thick and thin. We made it, Ed!”
-AKI, 6 years as partner in crime in medical school, easily the closest male friend-


“My name is Edvyn Andy Wongso, a man born to serve the world and be a legend.”


Happy Valentine’s

With Love,


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