How many numbers can I beat before the time is up? Life is a challenge and the dreams is the starting line. Start: 15 Jan 2011.

  1. Be a doctor. completed on 6 June 2012
  2. Say “I LOVE YOU” to someone I love wholeheartedly. completed on 14 July 2014
  3. Make my parents smile.
  4. Travel somewhere far from Jakarta with friends. completed on 24 March 2011
  5. Make my younger sister to have a brother again.
  6. Picture myself and someone I love wholeheartedly in a photograph.
  7. Love and be loyal to one woman.
  8. Buddha Pilgrimage Tour with my families.
  9. Make someone love me till death.
  10. Make someone I love to live happily.
  11. Stand at the top of a mountain.
  12. Dive to the deep-sea. completed 20 August 2014
  13. Get a kiss from a woman because she truly loves me.
  14. Walk into Prada, Gucci, Armani, Hermes or any other giant brands gallery, grab a bag and pay.
  15. To own an ipod touch. completed on 1 June 2012
  16. To own a SLR camera. completed November 2012
  17. To speak in languages other than English and Indonesian.
  18. Able to make my own decision without confusing much.
  19. Own an Akita Inu or Shiba Inu as my companion.
  20. Help a complete stranger for the good.
  21. To make my friends happy.
  22. To be one great friend.
  23. Own a video game console. completed January 2014
  24. Travel to South America.
  25. Master 1 martial art.
  26. Be a likeable man.
  27. Watch FC Internazionale live in the stadium. completed 8 December 2013
  28. To be a good man.
  29. To hear a girl I love say, “I love you, too.”
  30. To die with a smile on my face.
  31. To swim in an open sea with someone I love. completed 19 August 2014
  32. Cook breakfast for someone I love. completed 13 August 2014
  33. To comfort someone I love when she is sick. completed 19 August 2014
  34. Run a hospital for the sick, not for the money.
  35. Travel around world with someone I love.
  36. To defeat and cure depression.
  37. Skydiving.
  38. Feel being loved.
  39. Be happy.
  40. Sing ‘Willingly’ for someone I really love.
  41. To get into my ideal body weight, slim and well built.
  42. Run a full marathon distance.
  43. Chase my love wherever it is even if it is overseas.
  44. A happy family with someone I truly love.
  45. Marry the right girl.
  46. To get gopro camera. completed December 2014
  47. Portray great memories on someone I love.
  48. Stop getting angry.
  49. To be given one more chance by Tan Wei Ting to correct my mistakes.
  50. Make Wei Ting Tan a happy life with me in it.
  51. Watch Derby della Madonnina in Stadio Giuseppe Meazza. completed 19 April 2015
  52. Watch Derby d’Italia in the stadium.

Life is a choice but death isn’t. Life is eternal, it’s just the body that is dead.

Live your dreams.

With Love.