It’s been a long long while

I know I’ve caused you pain

Living without you it’s not quite the same

Can we start over again?


I’ve played around too long

Running from end to end

Took you for granted I’ve been such a fool

Can’t we start over again?


All through my life of seasons

No matter how far I long

Always there’s something missing inside

Yearning to come back home


You are the one I return to

Love only love leads the way

Give us this chance to start over again

Darling, I’m coming home to stay

-Jose Mari Chan©-


This Heart Is Missing You

People have come and left me behind in this life

But losing you is totally a different misery

My life hasn’t been the same since you arrived

It will never be the same if you aren’t here with me

The loneliness is much more excruciating

We were one great force

Together we fought for our dreams

Never I have one settles as quickly as you to be part of me

This body and mind has lost its soul when you decided to leave

These lips lost its smiles

This heart lost its happiness

This world has lost its sun

Leaving me alone in deep dark sorrow

Will I ever see another sun?

Will this eclipse end tomorrow?

Will we ever meet once again?

Can we start all over again?

Leave all the pain and vain behind

Look to our future and happiness in the end

I will always wait for you to return…


10 April 2015



For Wei. Come back soon. I miss you deeply. I wish you are healthy and happy wherever you are now.


With Love,