Thousands of stars lighten the night

A loneliness still in me without you on my side

New day comes new beginning

Will the sun warm the earth in this cold morning?

Earth depends on the sun, the moon and the stars

I don’t… I just need you

The first day when I met you in a random coincidence

It was like the sun finally rises after a long eclipse

Never I regret sitting for hours on the road side

Grounding myself under extreme heat just to see you for a minute

Many countless smiles you have drawn

A prestigious diamond I have found

You undoubtedly bring me a new life

I wish I would have the chance to refund

Before it is my time to be in the heaven

Endlessly I promise to fight for it… for your happiness

You are a beautiful angel came to my world

On my way to survive the slum

Ultimate happiness I could only be grateful for knowing you

Roses are created immortal representing your eternal beauty

Happy Tatty Teddy tells the story of us

A thousand stars to brighten your nights

Pandora box full of hearts to genuinely love you

Princess… you definitely deserve your happiness

In this day when you turn a new page

New beginning you will write from today

Eternal happiness I wish you would earn

Sincerely I wish I could be your happiness

So sincere even if you would only love me for a day I will make you the happiest day.

Happy birthday, my dearest Princess, Wei.

Msida, 28th March 2015


Be mature.

Be healthy.

Be success.

Be confident.

Be great.

Be unbelievable.

Be incredible.

Be strong.


Love you.

For Wei.

With Love,