Five is the number of fingers on one hand. We can achieve anything we would want to have when we are old with our hands. Hands are the most useful tools and can realise any hopes. Here I would like to share hopes I have when we grow old.

1. When I’m in my sixties..

I’m probably walking with sticks, starting to get demented, half bald with some left-over white hair, but I will still sleep on your side, kiss you in the morning when you open your eyes, tidying your clothes on bed after shower, eating breakfast together with you, making you toast or eggs, walking you to market or garden, massaging your legs when you are tired, telling you unimaginable stories, making you tea in the afternoon, dry your hair after shower, applying lotion before we sleep, hug you before you say goodnight, cover you with duvet before you fall asleep, kiss you when you close your eyes, and says, “I love you, dear. I’ll see you in the morning.”

I really want to do that.

2. Our Children

I want to witness you growing up our children. Your mother grew you up with a lot of presence and kindness. I believe you would transfer them to your children. You will grow them with a lot of dedication and love. You may scold them or get angry with them, I want to see that. I want to see when you play with our children, tell them stories of our lives, teach them about right from wrong, feed them, and guide them in life. Well, of course, I would not just be a spectator. I will involve heavily. That is why they are OUR children.

3. Family Trip

I always have this vision about my family in future. I want my family is a united family. I want to have as many family trips as possible. I want my children be close to your parents and mine. I could imagine when we make a road trip with our children. We would have laughs and smiles. When I’m driving the car, I would see this beautiful lady beside me smiling and laughing with our children. She once was a young girl I met randomly and strived with me through thick and thin, then took a journey in us and grow a family. She is the mother of my children, the woman I love the most. I would be very grateful that I finally manage to insert a little bit of happiness in you.

4. House Keeping

Since the first time we met, house keeping has been one of the things we mostly do together. I want to continue doing it with you for many years to come. Doing laundry, keeping bed, cleaning the kitchen, scrub the bathroom, cooking meals and so on. Did you know that I always feel happy to do them with you or for you? One day I will surprise you by cleaning your kitchen and you would think it is one of your housemates.

5. When I close my eyes for the last time..

I would like to smile for 5 reasons: I have accomplished what I had to do on earth, I have made my parents proud having me as their son, I have a happy family, I have you by my side and I know surely I have given you a happiness. Then I would close my eyes and rest in peace.


For Wei.

With Love,