Six days to go to your big day. I can’t wait to see you! Let’s talk about you today.

You are an angel. You have so much qualities physically and personality. I always describe you as “The Best Woman I Have Ever Met” I have seen models, actresses, doctors, lawyers, etc. I have met pretty girls, rich girls, etc. However, there is nothing like you. What is the best of you? The balance. That is what I have been looking for and that is what made me falling in love with you everyday. Now, the top six qualities I like about you…

1. Your smiles

I always remember the first time I saw that smile. It melted my heart. I always mention it. I really like your smile and you are very beautiful when you smile. You smile genuinely because your heart is happy. In reality, a lot of people faking smile because they feel forced to do it. For you, you just want to smile.

2. Your eyes

I honestly have never seen a more beautiful eyes than yours. I am sure a lot of people have pretty eyes, but your eyes speak. Your eyes tell a story about you. Your eyes are alive. For example when you are so happy for eating chocolates or lobsters or mussels. Your eyes are genuine, honest and truthful.

3. Your profile

I have met, seen, and known many pretty girls, beautiful ladies like models. However, it is such a rare incidence to see a beautiful lady with low profile. That is you. You have such a low profile. You don’t regard yourself highly but sometimes it becomes a lack of confidence and a mistrust on your own self. You disregard your own qualities. I have always said that you are brilliant and incredible. I have always believed in you.

Once you told me a quote that I will always remember and try to apply it to my life as well.

“If you would like to achieve something and you pushed too hard to make it happen, you would most likely be unsatisfied with the end result.”

4. Proportionally beautiful

One of few things that you are always not confident with yourself is just like other girls, you always feel that you are fat. Well, if you compare yourself with those photoshopped pictures, you would never satisfy with yourself. Fact is humans always have fat. However, what you have is proportional to your size. You really have a nice curve. They are natural. The fact you never work out to achieve it is something unbelievable. You always mention how you have fats only on your abdomen, but let me be honest, everyone does.

Hey girl, let me emphasise it again. Your beauty is real. You have a pretty face with wonderful eyes, lovely lips, and nice smiles. You are SEXY! You have a nice curve on top and bottom. I have seen millions of girls with nice body but never I admire them as much as yours. You can call me a pervert, but tell me a guy who does not see opposite sex in a sexual fantasy. Yes, even a gay will do the same!

Did you know? I always feel proud walking by your side because I know that everyone will be looking at you and they will read my mind as “Here is my sexiest girl!”. With a bit extra care and confidence, you will shine and destroy any men’s heart. Well, you have destroyed mine.

5. Maturity

Despite being in such a young age, I am sometimes very amazed with your maturity, with the way you talk and the ideas you throw. There are many times when you seem easily losing yourself but that is the process. When I see you among your friends, you are miles ahead of them in terms of maturity. You don’t think in the similar way your friends. You always think out of the box. Perhaps you have more bravery to adventure and explore. You are up for any challenges ahead. You are willing to face what you need to face.

There are many times I feel even more childish compared to you. I sometimes feel shameful that you could have thought things that I might never even consider despite being older. For example, when I get really upset for not getting the result as I wanted. You once said to me, “You are nearly 30 years old, not a 3 years old boy who can always cry when he doesn’t get his toys.” That strikes in my mind very deeply.

This is a great basic for you. This is what I always like about you. If I listen to you more instead of arguing, I would understand more. You could keep me on track. You could support me on my way to my success. I have never met a girl who offers me this but you do. That’s how I love you more and more everyday.

6. Your heart

This is the best part of you. The main reason why I fell in love with you and will always love you.

You have a great heart. You always try to be positive on whatever people do to you despite you don’t like it. You always try to be calm. You always want to help people even randomly. I remember when you picked me up at Gatwick Airport, you saw me but then you approached a handicapped old lady to offer her a help. You have difficulties to refuse people if they ask for your help. You always want to do your best to make others happy although it might hurt you in the end. You also always against talking badly about other people. You don’t take it easy if somebody talks badly about your friends.

You have a kind heart. You are loyal to your beloved. You are down to earth. You are wonderfully amazingly beautiful girl.


To end this part, I’d like to share your quote which you mentioned two weeks ago.

“I’m just a simple girl, an ordinary girl who just wish to have a happy and peaceful life.”


For Wei.

With Love,