Seven heaven. That is what people usually say. I have talked about activities I want to do with you. Today I wanna share about countries I would like to visit with you.

1. Japan

We both love the food. We both wish to make it to Tokyo. I wanna get lost there with you. Two foreigners who don’t speak Japanese but have the nerve to just blend in their cultures. It would be awesome!

2. New Zealand

I have done road trip in Ireland, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Australia. New Zealand somehow have a soft spot in my heart. I have never been there but I believe it is beautiful. I suggested to my elder sister for her honeymoon and she did not regret it. One day I will make the road trip around NZ and it will be you!

3. Ireland

You mentioned this last month. You would like to visit Ireland one day and see where I used to live, study, and get lost. Ireland used to be my second home. Unfortunately monetary crisis ruined everything. But, if Ireland did not send me out to Malta, we would not meet and it would be a bigger regret for me. One day we will drive my Irish road trip journey, from Dublin to Galway to Connemara to Cliffs of Moher to Dingli to Killarney to Cork and Waterford.

4. South America

I always wonder what does South America looks like. I believe they are beautiful. Brazil, Argentina, Peru, etc. I always have it in my mind that one day I will visit there with my half. Of course, I hope it is gonna be you.

5. Fiji

The little island somewhere East to Indonesia. Once I saw photos of Fiji and they are wonderful. Great scenery and one of the best nature to get lost from world.

6. Caribbean

No. It is not because of Jack Sparrow. I want to go there for the similar reason as for Fiji. I wanna go there with my love to get away from outside world, just the two of us and the earth.

7. Indonesia

My hometown. One of the most beautiful countries in the world. I will bring you around from West to East, from Toba Lake to Mount Bromo to Bunaken to Lombok to Komodo Islands to Raja Ampat and of course Jakarta.


You came and helped me to stand up. You lighted my flame. You are my life.

Only with you I could imagine to conquer the world.

Only with you I wanna travel around the world.

Only in you I am alive.


For Wei.

With Love,