Eight is the lucky number for Chinese-descent people. Let’s remember 8 moments we had together.

1. 26 June 2014

You cough.

“You sick?” I asked

“Err, no. It is just the weather.” you replied.

That was our first our direct conversation. Hundreds if not thousands of pick up lines for days. I was actually thinking of how to start a conversation with you. Thank God, you coughed.

2. 27 June 2014

There was this stupid man who decided to leave work two hours early by claiming he was hungry. He went to grab a pizza. He then sat by the road side at the bus stop under the summer heat in a Mediterranean island. He missed a total of 15 buses to bring him home. He was drenching in sweat because he wants to properly dress up to meet the girl. After one and half hour, this man patience finally was paid off. The girl arrived at the bus stop. The girl was surprised the man was there. Then the man didn’t know what to say to the girl, so he talked the nonsense about ‘how to take a cab in Malta’. A minute after, the bus for the girl arrived, luckily the man tongue could twist to ask for her phone number. It was the first time ever in 28 years, the man asks for a girl’s number. That stupid man who spent one and half hour waiting under the heat just to spend one minute with you and ask for your phone number finally went home with the next bus, he was tired and ended up with headache but he was super happy. We know who this guy, don’t we?

3. 1 July 2014

The same stupid guy finally dare to ask a girl out for the first time in his life. He was nervous and you were too. The first few sentences were awkward but somehow you and him just engaged easily. He told you about his dream, what he wants to achieve. That lunch at a small cafe would be unforgettable. You and him were wearing the same white colour. You also enjoyed your first kannoli. That conversation is the real starting line. The guy decided to pay for the lunch, you were shocked and felt uncomfortable. Then both of you made an arrangement that both of you will pay for meal alternately. He always arranged a cheaper meal whenever it is your turn to pay.

4. 19 August 2014

You had a friend visiting you in Malta. It is touristception. A tourist gets a visit by another tourist.

Both of you decided to do a diving class. I bet you knew I always wanted it. You asked if I’d like to join. Then we went diving together in Cirkewwa. Let me tell you, that was the best experience I have ever had. It was a dream come true and I could never thank you enough to realise one of my dreams.

We started with a boring class. We were so sleepy in a tiny poorly-ventilated room. I even missed some parts of the video and I could not answer the question. I had no choice but to copy your answer, otherwise I would have failed.

After that we followed our tutor to go to Cirkewwa. We practiced at the shallow water. Somehow you were diving upside down. You were swimming instead of diving! =D We then blamed about the heavy oxygen tank pulled you down. We found out later on that it was the size of the vest. Then we dived to 12 meter. I really enjoyed the scenery down there. With all the difficulties you had, you probably didn’t enjoy as much as I did, but I’m sure you had the excitement being under sea. We then went for dinner in Mdina. We ate so much and you finish a lamb shanks by yourself!

5. 11 September 2014

This is the day we went to Mount Etna. I briefly described it 2 days ago. We definitely had fun there. The worst part was when we were wondering why flies kept following me. Then it  suddenly rained, you wore my jacket and you got flies suddenly following you. We were still stupid enough that we did not realise it was because my hoodie had the smell of food I cooked before we went on the trip!

6. 12 – 13 September 2014

The dates when we went to Taormina. I explained how fun it was 2 days ago. Definitely one of the best memories with you for a long time.

7. 12 December 2014

The flight from Dubai to Singapore. I have to say this again. This is the first time ever I sit beside a pretty lady on a long-haul flight. I studied in Ireland for 6 years, travelled to Australia 2 times, visited USA, and have worked in Malta for more than 1 year! A total of 56 long-haul flights I have flown and only the 57th flight I could sit beside a pretty lady. After that moment, I have never sat beside pretty lady again! What a curse!

However, I would say I did not lose any moments there. 8 hours I did not sleep at all. I spent the time enjoying the talk with you. We chatted, ate, laughed, and ate the Grand Ferrero Rocher! Amazing in-flight entertainment is entertained by you.

8. 20 December 2014

The day I was in Johor Bahru. I really learnt a lot about you. From your favourite fruit is jackfruit until you look really like your cousin’s daughter! It is unfortunate we could not have longer time. If only we had more times, we could explore more and eat more. Thank you for you and your family hospitality. I would never forget this day and what you did when we had our own time.


I really miss those moments. We might have a lot of arguments before the moment, but those arguments are worthless when I felt happy with you, but what is more important is your happiness.

We shall have more happiness together to come.


For Wei.

With Love,