Nine months we have known each other. Today marks the exact day.

I always told you I would like to do extreme things or something extraordinary with you. Here is 9 activities I really wanna rush our adrenaline together.

1. Ride a roller coaster

It ain’t as easy as it sounds. It takes some extra nerves to ride roller coaster after roller coaster, and to ride roller coaster with you would allow us to express our fun and joy together. I definitely can’t wait for it.

2. Hike a mountain

I always feel peace if I could stand up on the top of a mountain or hill. It gives me fresh air, raises me closer to the sky and releases me free. We did 2000 meters height of Mount Etna but we should do something that is really a mountain that we can reach the summit.

3. Watching a football match in the stadium

I have told you few times before that one day I will bring you to the stadium in Milan and we will watch FC Internazionale Milano plays the game. It must be Inter and it must be in Milan, because for me Inter Milan is like the Vatican for Roman Catholic or the Mecca for Muslim.

We will get crazy with the Curva Nord. We will jump and shout. We will have fun! One day, I will make you wear our colour, the blue of the sky and the black of the night.

4. Road trip

There is nothing else I would choose to do if I would a relax trip. Road trip. Hopping from one beach to one forest. Driving through the mountain, around the lakes, stop by the town. I never failed to make a fun road trip with my family, and if we have the chance, I will not fail ours.

5. Camping

Staying out of the city, out of the daily noise. Retreat ourselves and indulge in nature. Sit by the fire at night. Walk around the forest in the day. My rule of thumb for a relax mind is to go back with the nature.

6. Bungee jumping

The challenge says it all. We gotta do this together just like the roller coaster ride.

7. Hot Air Balloon

I always love the sky. The sky always makes me peaceful. The blue colour and white clouds comfort me every time. Flying on a hot air balloon is a lifetime experience. I always want to do it but I always wonder who I wanna go with. Since this is probably the only time I can go, then I would like to experience it with you.

8. Deep Sea Diving

We did this together before in Malta. It was such an unforgettable moment. We should one day do it again with better deep-sea like in South East Asia. This is just a different kind of world.

9. Skydiving

This is always my dream to attempt it and if I could do this with you, it will be an indescribable moment.


So, Wei, let’s plan!


For Wei.

With Love,