240 days
240 days ago 9:39 am
At the same time I write this
I saw a beautiful angel in front of me
A girl who is beautiful outside and more inside
A girl who managed to shattered my mind
A girl who stunted me and clenched my jaw
A girl who is charming, sweet and cute
A girl who drew a smile on my face
A girl who woke me up from my long sleep
A girl who carries me through thick and thin
A girl who hugs me and wipes my tears
A girl who wants to be with me despite my darkness
A girl who is hurt yet never gives up on me
A girl who is like a candle light in my darkness
She melts in pain and keeps on shining
A girl who is like a star in my night
She makes my nights beautiful
And my days colourful

240 days
240 days I spent with her
240 days we have known each other
We have had fights and cries
We have had laughters and tears
We have dived down the sea
And climbed up a mountain

240 days
240 days we never skip a day
240 days full of memories
Lots of tears but more of joy

240 days
From Mediterranean Islands to South Wales
From West Europe to East Asia
Day by day I fall in love with her more and more
Day by day I am longing for her more and more

240 days
Distance does not make a difference
Time does not have me tame

240 days
I cannot stop loving her
The girl I admire
The girl I care
The girl I miss
The girl I enjoy looking at
The girl I like to hug and cuddle
The girl I have my tears and laughs with
The girl I love purely wholeheartedly
From the deepest of my heart with the biggest honesty
The girl is you
Tan Wei Ting
I love you
I do love you
I really really do love you.

Msida, 14 February 2015
– edwongso –

Happy Valentine’s Day, Wei Wei.

It is unfortunate I cannot be by your side today but at least I have made an earlier arrangement for this Valentine’s. I hope you will like and enjoy the gifts, chocolates, dinner, orchids, roses, and the trip to Lake District. Last week, when I spent my time with you, I am out of words to describe how beautiful and wonderful my happiness was. I hope I could stay by your side forever. I would like to still buy you a bouquet of roses and have a date with you when I am in my 80s.

With Love,