Tenanglah kekasihku – Be calm my love

Ku tahu hatimu menangis – I know your heart cries

Beranilah dan percaya – Be brave and believe

Semua ini pasti berlalu – All these would fade away

Meski takkan mudah – Though it wouldn’t be easy

Namun kau takkan sendiri – But you’ll not be alone

Ku ada di sini – I am right here


Untukmu aku akan bertahan – For you I will stay strong

Dalam gelap takkan ku tinggalkan – In darkness, I won’t leave

Engkaulah teman sejati kasihku – You’re my true soulmate, my love

Di setiap hariku – In every day of mine


Untuk hatimu ku kan bertahan – For your heart I will stay strong

Sebentuk hati yang ku nantikan – A piece of heart I always long for

Hanya kau dan aku yang tahu – Only you and me would understand

Arti cinta yang telah kita punya – The true meaning of our love



Translated by me.


26 weeks (182 days) ago. You came to my life. You didn’t just come and leave like other people. You stayed through many thick and thin. You survived through all heat and cold. You changed me. You transform my life. I was once a man who could care less about everything happening outside my world and inside me. I live my life from the time I open my eyes to close them again.

Then I saw you came. You shake my life. You teach me about love, about care, about kindness, about you. You tell me about having a heart. You build me to be a man. You stood strong when I crumbled down. You pulled me up when I slopped down. You draw a smile on my face. You brighten my days and lighten my nights. You shine inside me, in my heart. You give me warmth and love.

You made me love you for everything. You made me your warrior. You made me your other half. You made me significant.

I may not be able to pay for all you have brought for me. All I can do is fighting to be your happiness for now and ever. I have promised you that I will not leave you, that I will stay for you and be your happiness.

I sang the above song for you on 10th December 2014 on our way to London. I meant it every each word of it.

Half a year today. Many decades to come.

For your happiness, I survive. For my happiness, I love you.

For Wei.

With Love,