A week has now passed

A lot has occurred for us

From the sweetest to the ugliest

But together we could always surpass


We are stronger in bond

We stay united despite the last bomb

Together we could always survive

But both of us know, I’m fighting myself



The history just repeats.

When one loves the other loves another.


Should I stay any longer?

Could I see you with the other?


Your happiness is my breath to life

Your sadness is my gateway to hell

Would I get the chance to be the man?

To love you and being loved?


Should I stay for more?

Or leaving you with the other?


All I could do tonight

Before I close my eyes and sleep tight


Perhaps one little prayer I would whisper

If you believe nobody else could make you happier

Not even this one man loner lover

Then be with him

Tears might drop and stream

I would still smile in the dim

I wish you the biggest happiest life

I love you more than anything


Msida, 23rd September 2014



For WT.


With Love,