I am speechless.

I can’t even find a word to describe how painful this is

I don’t understand what has gone wrong between us

Is it wrong just to love you?

Is it wrong that I fall in love with you?

Is it my mistake that I just want to know a bit more than others?

I don’t understand what mistakes I have done

I have hurt you again and again

I tried so hard to understand

I tried so hard to see from your eyes

But I just could not

I could not see what you see

I kept on hurting you

You kept on believing that I am the bad one

I am lost

I am speechless

Tears drop and dry

Heart bleeds and cry

There are so much misunderstandings between us

But we can’t talk

We don’t have the time

Or we just don’t try harder

I am lost

I am speechless

I love you

All I do is because I love you

If this is a mistake

If this is what hurt you

I would rather not to hurt you



For WT.

I’m truly sorry I hurt you too much.


With Love,