It’s just another boring day for me. I started to rise up after a couple of snoozes. My legs were killing me as they always do every morning. The only good thing about this morning was the left over happiness from last night when somehow she all of sudden shared her life stories with me. I could not be more thankful that she finally did it after she always hides behind the curtain of her laughs and smiles for every and each stories I want to know. Yes, she is keeping herself away from me. I know it and I am trying so hard to knock down this wall. We could say that she would never love me back but it’s still uncertain how strong the wall will stand and I am not giving up, not for now.

As we did not meet yesterday, I really missed her so much. I tried to ask her out but the normal dine out would be very boring for her. I asked her to accompany me shopping instead. LOL! Somehow she agreed to it. We went out around 4 pm. We strolled the street from a Asian Store to a fisheries to a supermarket. I bought from instant noodles to ice creams.

I don’t know if she enjoyed it or not but she definitely looked exhausted for walking under the sun. I felt really sorry for that. However, the last few days, she has not looked so happy especially after Sunday. I tried to take a candid picture of her but I failed. LOL. She found it out and I’m not sure why she still resists to give me a picture of her. Perhaps, I’m not worth it yet. But, it’s okay. We’ll do it step by step. Her heart is like a fortress with multiple gates.

As it has always been, I’m just a second man in her book. The other guy will always have the priority, so today we started late as usual and then we ended up finishing my shopping at 8 pm. We arrived at my place just to find out Malta went black out. So, we went out for dinner. Everybody in Malta rushed out for dinner and we ended up having dinner only at 9.30 pm and finished almost 11 pm. I had a bad feeling that her place was still out of electricity. So, I decided to take her home and my feelings have been right lately. I forced her to stay overnight at  my place. I felt really bad to force her, but seriously, how can you let someone you love sleep in the hot temperature, dark, and no electricity after 1 day out in the sun, full of sweats and sticky dusts. Hell no. I’m not letting someone I love to suffer that when I could sleep in the air-conditioned room. I got a bit angry when she pushed me out, but somehow she decided to come.

I’m so happy that she is willing to sleepover. At least, I could have a night to take care of her. However, the other guy got angry and she became so sad.  I would never know what they say, but she was better after she took a shower.

It’s hard to love someone when there is another one, but to see her back on her smile definitely completed my day. I’m happy to witness her 28th smiles today. That’s how you love unconditionally I suppose.

Goodnight, Wei.


Keep smiling.

With Love,