6.30am. After 3 hours sleep. Tired and stiff back from sleeping on floor.

It did not stop me from standing up and do something I have never done before i.e wake up 1 hour before usual time to just cook for a breakfast and the breakfast is not even for me.

She is still sleeping. I watched her sleeping this morning. She is so cute. Shรจ is really comfortable under that duvet sleep thru her dreams. There is nothing could be a better morning welcome to eyes than seeing her sleep so well.

I went on to the kitchen and start to chopping some sausages and spring onion. First time ever in my 28 years life and 10 of them are abroad and alone, I make a breakfast!

It takes a lot of efforts, mostly to drive myself awake from my sleep and start my day earlier. But, if it was done with love then all will be felt is just happiness.

They say you can do crazy things if you are in love. I suppose I really do love her. It might not be the best breakfast for her, but if you could just feel a little bit of love in every bites of it, I would be happy. At least, she should feel like the luckiest girl on earth right now. In the end, it is just a little crazy things in life we called love. A love in fried rice.


Enjoy, Wei.
I hope it does not disappoint much ๐Ÿ™‚

Felling so much in love.

With Love,