There isn’t much left.
All I could do is to stare at the distance
Hopeful if there is still a slight chance

But who am I to say?
A stranger who comes and tries to steal
A heart that’s probably been sealed

It is painful like it was before
Seeing the empire crumbling
When I just started crawling

Perhaps I should just lay down and low
Sitting at the bottom and take the blow
Cause never will I see a night full of glow
Even if I have waited so long for the show

I’m just the man of those days
The one who keeps standing and trying
The one who keeps crumbling and losing
The one who stares at the clock ticking
Wishing if I could ever turn back time

There isn’t much left
I still don’t know if what I’m doing is right
I don’t know if I should go ahead and fight
Or step back like I did before

If only it could stop for a little while
For me to catch my breath
To have my strength to stand
To keep smiling though tears stream down

If only I could buy time.
Malta, 14th July 2014

Heart waved like sands on the beach

With Love,