15 years ago.. I watched a football match out of blue. I saw this team wearing black and blue jersey. They played quite good. I didn’t know the club yet. It was just a fate that I somehow watched their game again whenever I watched football. Until one day I saw this team got cheated against another team wearing black and white stripes. The bald number 9 player was tackled off the ball by opponent player in the penalty box but no penalty was given. I was so angry and that anger made me love that black and blue team. They are nicknamed as nerazzurri. It is FC Internazionale Milano.

The match I was talking about is Juventus FC vs FC Internazionale Milano on 26 April 1998. Ronaldo was obstructed by Mark Iuliano and that made me hated Juventus so much but on the other hand I am lucky to have found this indefinite love with Inter. This love has never faded a bit, it even grew stronger and stronger each day. My life is full of Inter color. The blue sky and dark night. Io sono interista.

Since then, I have this dream to watch their football game at their home turf, Stadio Giuseppe Meazza. Being a small kid from a middle class background in Indonesia, I could only dream about it but I have always promised myself to work for this. Then I moved to Europe and I thought I could easily go but the hassle I had to do due to my nationality postponed all the plans from year to year because each time I am on school break, there was no matches played. Then suddenly there was a news that Inter was coming to Dublin but it happened while I was back home in Indonesia. Last year Inter visited Indonesia but I had my graduation in Dublin. I was so unlucky. The only thing I believe could make this happens is if I work, earn, take leave and go to Milano. That is my promise.

Last week I had a busy week helping out covering others for night duties. It made me hit the climax of stress and I needed a break. Of course, what came to my mind first is to decide when I am going to have my first ever Inter match. I decided.

It started last Friday when I had a horrible night shift because one doctor called sick and left many irresponsible workload to us for night shift. I barely had 2 hours sleep. Moreover I had to work on Saturday morning but the thing kept me going is the fact I would be on my annual leave.

I finished up my work by 1.30 pm on Saturday then I took a cab to airport. I flew a low budget airline to Torino, took a fast train to Milano. I reached Milano by 7pm. As soon as I stepped out the train, I felt excited and fell in love with the city despite the 4 degree breeze blowing. I checked in at Hotel Berna, took a shower and walked around Milano city, I saw the Duomo, I had a fantastic mouthwatering Italian seafood dinner, but that is not the most interesting part. Kudos to Hotel Berna for their great and awesome service and amazing bed. I had a great night rest I really needed.

Today I woke up at 10am. I took a hot shower and had a stomach-fulling breakfast. Again, brilliant breakfast at the hotel. Right now, I’m typing this post while I’m getting ready myself for a day visit to the city and preparing my gear for tonight. Milano have impressed me a lot last night, I believe I will just fall in love more with this city today.

So this is the day…

This is the day I have waited for 15 years. A dream I have always had as a young kid. An achievement for me as I have just started working few months back and it is a pride to fund this trip myself. Tonight I’m going to watch FC Internazionale Milano vs Parma FC at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza. Tonight I am going to see with my own eyes Nerazzurri heroes running in our colors. I hope to witness the legendary Javier Zanetti tonight. I’m so excited. I can’t even describe my feeling.

Live from Milano.



With love,