Five days ago, it was a total mad day for me. I woke up late in the morning and rushed to the office because there was a new staff ought to be trained by me. Arriving in my office, I found out the new staff had tried to be a smart one while she proved me as a smart ass. She ruined the system I have implemented for months. I almost exploded but tried harder to be calm.

Done with the morning training, I saw my mom’s eyes turned red and looked infected. So, I decided to bring her to see a doctor. The ophthalmologist clinic was about to end in an hour time and the clinic is about an hour driving time from my office. But, I had to try. I raced through the highway and lucky enough to arrive just 5 minutes before the clinic ended.

When we were back in the office, my mom asked me to take over her job that day which is to calculate the employee salaries. When I was doing it, my dad confused me because he called the employee one by one while I had not finished calculating and prepared the money. I ended up re-calculate numerous times to ensure the balance is right. I finished it just before I had to go to my cousin’s place because we had an appointment.

I ran down the stairs, started the car engine, drove out the garage, to the toll gate…

10 meters before I reached the gate, I realized that I forgot to withdraw some money. So, I had no cash in my wallet. Well, I had very few. By very few I meant 1 piece of 2000 Rupiah bank note which is equivalent to less than 20 cents US Dollars. LOL! The toll charge is 7000 Rupiah. But, I remained calm because in all our cars we have a e-toll card (electronic card payment for the toll). I gave the card to the man and he returned it to me, “Sorry, Sir, the amount is not enough.” Dang!!!

I opened my wallet and tried to hope, I literally tried, that I would find some money. But, THIS AIN’T FAIRY TALES! I told him that I had to go to withdraw some money first, so I had to reverse. He did not allow me to do so as he reasoned there was a long queue behind me. I asked, “So, what to do now? I just drive through?” He answered, “No. You can’t do that. You can leave something and come back to pick it up later.” I refused, “What do you want me to leave behind? My ID or Driving License? Would you pay for the penalty charge if I got checked by the police and found out I am driving without license or ID?” He started to cooperate and asked his colleague to call the security to move the cars behind me to the other gates.

But, then I looked at my side mirror, the security took something from the man inside the car behind me. The security man was holding a piece of 5000 Rupiah and 2000 Rupiah. He gave it to the man at the gate and asked me to drive through, I asked him why. He said, “The man behind paid for you.” I told him, “Said thanks to him.” I then waved to the car behind me and drove through the gate.

I was surprised that there is still someone who cared for others. Perhaps the man behind me thought it is a small matter and that money is a small thing and he should just pay it so he can pass the toll gate faster too. But to me, it was a huge kindness to help others from him. I prayed for him after I passed the gate, I wished him a happiness throughout his life. It is not whether I can’t afford to pay or what, but it’s about helping others, just like you help your friends when he asked you to do some simple thing, not because they can’t do it but just to ease them.

If we could afford this kindness just to help people around us, no matter if we know them personally or not, we could help each other and I believe we will achieve something big for us and them.

This story reminded me when I was jogging in Dublin in one afternoon. I only had 6 Euro coins in my pocket, because I only prepared it buy some drinks if I needed. Then an old lady with a walking aid called me before I crossed the road to my home. She told me, “Young man, do you have some money? I need some because my daughter is in the hospital and I don’t have any money to buy some food for my granddaughter.” She pointed to a young girl. I reached my pocket and gave her all the coins I had. I said, “This is all I have at the moment.” Tears streamed down from her eyes,”Thank you, young man.” The happiness I felt that moment was wonderful. Yes, we could presume she was just faking but I was thinking positive and I believed she was in need, so I gave her and thought positively. I have a rule for myself in doing this kindness. If I don’t believe or I think negatively before I do it, then it’s better I don’t do it at all, because it won’t be a merit.

There is another story. Three years ago, I was walking to my friend’s house to pick up books, it was raining heavily like a monsoon rain in Dublin. I saw an old lady fell down in the middle of the road and it was a green light for the cars. I was lucky there were not many cars at that time, so I could run to help her. I helped her to stand up and I saw bloods dripping from her forehead, so I helped her to cross the road to the pharmacy across the road to get an ambulance. The first car did not want to stop. Luckily there was a kind heart from the second car, an old man stopped his car and allowed us to cross. I waited until the ambulance arrived and the paramedic banded her head. The paramedic took her on the ambulance. Before she went on to the ambulance, she kissed my cheek and grabbed my hand, she whispered, “Thank you, young man. You’re a really kind man. Thank you. I’ll pray to the God for you.” I smiled, “God bless you too and take care yourself.”

Happiness does not come from travelling to countries we have dreamt for ages or winning lotteries. Happiness come from our surroundings on daily basis. Happiness can come from anything, everything, or everyone. All you need to do is to put some loving kindness in your life. If we could make a chain of kindness among us, we will attain the eternal happiness. So, don’t wait to do something kindful. Just do it.

P.S: for the man who paid for my toll fee on Tuesday 2nd April 2013 at 8pm at the Kemayoran Toll Gate, I wish you the greatest happiness in your life. Thank you for your kindness.

P.S.S: It was my sister’s car I was driving. Damn her for making me shameful with the incident but thank her that I learnt something from it too.

1. Put some kindness in your life.
2. Help others, serve others.

Loving in Kindness,

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