Have you ever loved someone with all whole your heart?
Someone who will make you smile just by imagination
Someone who you want to be by your side
Someone who keep your heart warm and comfort
Even when you almost never see them

Have you ever witnessed one true love?
About love that is unbreakable
About someone who would do everything
Just to be with their lovers
About someone who would sacrifice
Just because of one reason, love

Love might not make any senses
Make people to think absurd
To be more brave than before
To do the unthinkable
Or something we think plain and stupid
For them it is a fight, a game, a battle

They would do every single thing
They would not count the risk
They would kill
They would die
Like they have nothing to lose
They just don’t want to lose their lovers
They don’t want their love to die
They keep it tight in them
Hold it strong like a soul
Sleep with it
Eat with it
Live with love

But often these stories are laughable
Absurd and mad, people might think off
That we’d rather get rid of them
Sack them out of our world
Cursing those lovers as a villain
As if loving is a crime
While for some, love is just their life
Love is something they can’t lose
That they would rather lose their life

Do you still witness this love?
Or we have used to laugh on those love believers?
That in our lives love no longer flaming
And we with our ego has become so cold
Like a villain.

Jakarta, 9 March 2013
Ed Wongso©

From a villain,

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