They said it is Valentine
When two sanes are in one line
They said it is love
While all I had was just for laugh

The sun rose
Shining like it never before
The dark came
Fighting like it was right

Come and go
Leave and live
I don’t know
It was a gift or just a grief

She came and I was messed
She smiled and I was blessed
When the hope started to grow
Then the pain came to blow

What creatures God has created in her
If I have to stay or leave forever

I can’t lie
I just cannot lie
The love is still always there
The happiness when I’m with her

They call it love
Or perhaps obsessions
The reality no one knows
It is such a pain
That she isn’t mine
Or perhaps will never be

Though that on Valentine
When I had one more chance
Sat side by side when we dine
To see her smiles took a dance

They said it is Valentine
When two hearts in one happiness
While all I had was such a pain
And grudge in loneliness
When the loved one was right beside
But seems so far from my sight

When I had to choose my way
To leave in pain
Or to live in obsession
And I chose to love her all the way

Because I can’t lie
Her smiles made me living
Her smiles that once crushed my heart
Because I won’t deny
I love her
I always love her

It’s hard to swallow
To love in pain
Thank God that times allow
To witness her most beautiful smile on Valentine

Happy Valentine

Jakarta, 14 February 2013
-Ed Wongso©-

For W.

Love you,