2012. What a year. It is now 2 weeks since the new year. I hope it is not too late to see how I did in 2012. Well, I didn’t write any resolution last year. I only had few things that I wanted to achieve. Let’s see if I have got them all done.


Here is checklist from last year:
1. Finish medical school and become a doctor. – I did.
2. Express and explain myself for people to understand. – It started promising until the day when everything crumbled down again.
3. Get a new pair of shoes and a new gadget. – I didn’t just buy a pair of shoes, in fact I got 4! and I got an ipod.
4. Celebrate Christmas and New Year with a new life companion. – It went miserably with a total failure ending. The saddest story of 2012.
5. Be more peaceful and more happy. – A complete fail.

It seems like I have got half of things I wanted to achieve, overall it didn’t seem too bad, but in fact it wasn’t a bright one either. 2012 was more gloomy and dark. It was a promising year but ended without any happy ending. So, what would I do or hope for 2013? I will tell on my next stop here.

I hope it’s not too late to wish a Happy New Year to everyone.

With Love,