Today I rode rollercoasters for the third time in the last 2 months. It was fun but I had something to learn from today.

I still remember when I rode rollercoaster for the first time 11 years ago in Dunia Fantasi, Jakarta. I was so nervous. It was only because the excitement to sit right next to W, I felt (or made myself felt) confident. I laughed all the way throughout the ride.

Many years after I rode more rollercoaster in Disneyland and Universal Studios when I visited USA. They were more challenging and more fun. I was more nervous but I was ready for the challenge. I sat in front row and enjoyed most of it. Although every rides had its own effect, I was up for the challenge and took the risk.

This year I went for 3 rollercoaster rides in 3 different theme park in the UK. I was not nervous at all when I rode the first time this year in Blackpool Pleasure Beach. I made all like just a joke. Even my friends were scared of what I did. But, I didn’t care about the rollercoaster anymore, I just wanted the thrill effect. Then I went with my sister just a week after the first ride.

The second ride was in Thorpe Park. It was more thrilling and challenging. I have to admit that I was more nervous. I had a bit of palpitations but when everything was done, I just thought they are all the same, it’s just the process of the thrill that is different in each of them.

Today I went again with my sister and her friends to Alton Towers. I was up for it and few of them even bored me throughout the ride. They didn’t challenge me to nervebreaking effect. But, that is when I realised of something.

Imagine as if the rollercoaster is your life and the thrill effect is your daily problems. Imagine if you ride the same rollercoaster everyday, you would know what lies ahead and you may master it after few rides, but you would be bored after some times. Imagine if you have to ride different rollercoaster every now and then. They prepare different levels of challenge, sometimes it’s more nervecracking, sometimes it’s easily done. You will face many kinds of problems. You will master the easy ones, but you will be up for the challenges whatever they are.

The more rollercoasters you ride, the less fear you will have in your mind. You would just stand up and fight for everything that blocks your way to the finish line. But, one very important thing you need to understand is never be bored with the rollercoaster rides. Don’t lose your interest to ride for more even if they are the same one. Keep on riding them. Master them all. Because, when you lose interest in it, it means you lose your hope in your life and that is what you should fear most.

That was what I learnt today. I am not scared at all for any kind of rollercoaster rides. I will just walk in, sit down and go through it. I have no more fear. I don’t fear anything anymore. I don’t fear death. I don’t fear God (because God isn’t there for me to fear but He is there to lead, accompany, guide, help and live me). The only (seriously) thing I fear the most is I am bored with the rollercoaster rides and eventually losing interest in riding it which means I lose my hopes in life. So, I need to hold on to my hopes and so do you. We all have to keep our hopes high. Because people who committed suicides are those who lost hopes in their life.

“It is when you lose your hopes, you are actually dead, even if you are still alive” -eldios©

Hold tight on your hopes and keep on riding. It is so much easy to say it now even for me, but it would be better if I could apply it in my life.

Happy living.

With Love,

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