I am standing alone on a groundless land

Free falling from the sky to no end

Where are my wings I hide

Or parachute I had

I try to grab whatever I see

I shout to everyone on the sea


No one did even look at me

I’m all alone dropping like a flipping coin

I close my eyes..

Trying to calm my mind down

Yet I get it in a worse race

It is like a rollercoaster ride

One that you never really enjoy

And tears start to flow

stream down through the corner of my eyes

I am afraid

I am worthless

I am lost

Till the moment I lose my heart

Till the day my heart was stolen

And I find myself bleeding

Blood sprays all over the groundless land

The sky turns red and rain pours down

People look at me

And thought I was a joke

People run to hide

And thought I was just a clown

The mask that I wear cover the wound in my chest

The smile I show hide my bleeding vains

And all I can do is just to wait for a moment

For a second when my blood drops for one last time


Dublin, June 4th 2012

-Edvyn Andy Wongso©-


With a stolen heart,