Birds are singing a melody
A tune of love
A song of caress
The sun is smiling day to day
And I thought there was a hope

In between these darkness
I had wished for an angel to come
To save me
To stay with me
To love me
And I thought you were the one
When you arrived and smiled
And comforted me
And I fell in love with you

I wanted to tell you
I waved..
I called..
But you never heard it
And things never worked out well
The destiny didn’t meet us up
The story didn’t give me a chance

I tried so hard..
I waited so long..
For you to notice that I was here
But the sun went down
And the sky became grey
The cloud faded me away
The rain washed me up
My paint was cleared up
And my colour went black and white
I became plain and full of stains

I danced under the rain
I roared like a lion
I sang a song
But thunderlights made the big bang

I bleed..
Painful and hurt when the rocks fell from sky
Beat me slowly
Crunched me to pieces
While you fly away with your wings

Like an angel you fly to heaven
Holding the hand of another man
Like an angel you fly to heaven
Leaving me alone down on earth
Full of sins..
Full of lusts..

I’m all alone in this bloody mud..
Sucked up into the hell
Eating my own heart
Betting my soul with the devil
Killing myself to death

I cried bloody tears
Tearing up my skins
I burnt down into flames
Yet I can’t let you go

I’m chained in this love story
I’m cursed like Davy Jones
I am…
A man who’s lost his heart.

York, May 27th 2012
-Edvyn Andy Wongso©-

With Love,

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