This is supposedly be my final yearbook in life. I have asked some closest people who may not know everything about me but they have been around me for years and decades, they have seen enough of me throughout times to be able say few words about who I really am.


“As his elder sister, I must say Edvyn is very mature and wise. Edvyn, my only brother, has many talents that women look for. Too much to say about Edvyn in such limited words. What I can conclude about Edvyn is that I am proud to be his sister.”
-CW, 26 years as elder sister-


“Edvyn can sometimes be very stubborn and annoying. However, he’s my chubby, lovely and caring brother who will always protect his family. He’s the person whom we can rely on since mature is his nature.”
-MW, 24 years as younger sister-


“Complicated yet simple, roaring yet romantic, stubborn yet soft and caring. Edvyn is my close friend for twelve years. His strong willed learning and loving will get him anywhere he wants to be in life. I’m so proud of him! I wish that he’ll accomplish all of his goals in life and still share his goodness with others.”
-AGL, 12 years as one of my closest friend-


“Edvyn is one of the toughest men I’ve ever met. He’s been through many horrible times but he always stood up again. He’s very generous, caring, loyal and patient although little bit stubborn. Although we are apart, I know he will always stand beside me every time I need him. I believe that someday he will be a very great doctor because I know that he always works with his heart.”

-WP, 10 years of a great friendship-


“My first impression of Edvyn was that he’s cocky and stubborn. He’s so naive about love. He doesn’t know how to ask a girl on a date. However, once you know him better, it’s easy to love him. He never lets his friends down although he’s so far away. He’s a very nice, super-kind, amazingly-caring, and someone-you-can-rely-on kind of guy. He’s my best friend.”
-VT, 7 years of a great friendship-


“Edvyn (origin: Eadwine) is one of the most loyal friends I’ve ever had. He’s a compassionate, generous, kind person who doesn’t hold back on time and money for those close to him, and is definitely an inspiration for me to be a better person every day. I’d like to thank him for being my close friend through thick and thin. We made it, Ed!”
-AKI, 6 years as partner in crime in medical school, easily the closest male friend-


“My name is Edvyn Andy Wongso, a man born to serve the world and be a legend.”


Happy Valentine’s

With Love,


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