“Friends are like shoes. You need them wherever you go.”


Today I wear again my old shoes I bought 9 years ago. They have finally come back from retirement after I repaired them last week. These shoes are legendary. They accompanied me anywhere around the world for 7 years before they were finally worn out and I decided not to repair but go for a new pair. Today is our reunion day and I realize that they are two of the best friends I have ever had.

Friends are like shoes. You need them wherever you go. Some people believe the more shoes they have the better they do. Similarly, the more friends you have, the better you’ll do. Some others think quantity is not important but quality shoes are really top in the list. The same thing happens in friendship, some people believe having quality friends in small number is better than having hundreds or thousands facebook friends list that you don’t even know who they are.

People will feel limitless comfortable with their best friends, just like when you don’t feel tired walking with your best shoes. Best friends will always be there for you, like your shoes will always be with you wherever you wanna go. Good friends never complain how tired they listen to your repeated stories, good shoes never get tired even if you walk the same path back and forward every day. Great shoes don’t get worn out easily, great friends never leave you alone.

When people don’t like their shoes or giving them pain, they may throw away those shoes. Friends who are not worth to be with or hurt you most times, they are friends who are not worth your times. However if they love their shoes much, they can just ignore the pain and keep walking through the pain. It is also sometimes worth to keep a friendship although it hurts you along the way. Unfortunately, no matter how good your shoes are, they will be worn out and eventually you will need a new pair. Just like friendship, there is one time that every friendship is gonna end for whatever reason and each of you is gonna move on with new companion in life. However, the best friendship can only be ended by death.

Lastly, the sad part is that most people can remember where and when they bought their shoes and how much the cost is roughly. Unfortunately, most people do not remember where and when they first time met their friends, they can even forget who their friends are. People tend to forget how precious a friendship is and it is as expensive as a diamond and is definitely more expensive than any pairs of shoes in the world. That is the reason why friendship is so cheap in this world, it is sometimes even cheaper than a pair of shoes.


“Love your shoes, love your friends”


Friends Forever.


With Love,

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