Non Mollare Mai – The REAL Iron Men. My Inspirations.
Team Hoyt

Dick and Rick Hoyt

My semester break just started 2 days ago. The last semester has been a rough ride for me. It was worse than any rollercoaster rides in the world. Nightmares kept slamming on my door, hitting my mind and challenging my life. I have fallen couple of times. I have always managed to keep stand still on my feet regardless the storm and thunder happened. However, I was just an ordinary man. I am no different than anyone else. I have my limits. I never thought about giving up though probably I often mentioned about it. I often mentioned it just to remind myself that I should never give up. Giving up was never really in my dictionary. However, what happened in the last few months have really been a heavyweight fight for me. I nearly gave up.

Two days ago, I woke up because the sun shone directly into my face. I didn’t feel like to touch any academic readings yet. So, I decided to maintain my mental strength for few days before I push myself beyond the limit again. I started watching videos on youtube. I was searching for good motivational songs or some kind of those. Somehow I ended watching some good commercial advertisement video. I kept clicking on the related videos until I watched a video about the love of a father.

The video showed a story about Dick and Rick Hoyt. Dick Hoyt shows me how a real father should live his life and love his children. Dick loves Rick with all his heart regardless the physical condition of Rick. When Rick asked Dick to run with him, Dick just did it. They did local runs, marathons, and even triathlon. Dick learnt how to swim to race. Dick made a special wheel-chair for Rick to participate in the race. Dick runs by pushing Rick’s chair. Dick swims by pulling Rick’s boat. On top of everything, Dick does everything with love. Rick makes Dick stronger and vice versa. Together, they are unbeatable. Rick, on the other hand, never gives up his life. His desire to live normal has given Dick the meaning of life. Rick, despite the physical condition he has, is a college graduate. He is a champion. Together with his father, Rick has become one of the best athletes in the world. They have run marathons, triathlon, and the Iron Man challenge. The most miraculous thing is Rick does everything with only an ability to control his head. To see them together is a majestic moment of my life.

Their story really woke me up from my grave. It insulted the way my mind has behaved with the feeling to give up and to surrender to destiny. Rick Hoyt was born with paralysis and has no voice yet he survives and he proves to everyone that he is just like one of us. I felt guilty after watching the video. I cried because of the love they share between father and son. I love the spirit they share with the world. The spirit of ‘CAN’.


It hit me even harder when I heard what Rick Hoyt said with his communicating device. He touched my heart and my mind. He slapped me in the face and calling me up to raise. He saved my life.

When I first got my communicating devices, the feeling was joyous. Finally I could share my opinions with everyone. -Rick Hoyt.


I wanted to show this person that life goes on and he could still live a productive life. That’s why I turned to my dad and said we have to run in this race. -Rick Hoyt.


People generally underestimate me due to my physical condition but I’m a person with a brain and intelligence. I am no different than anyone else other than the fact I will not beat you in a foot race and you will never have to tell me to shut my mouth. -Rick Hoyt.


The second quote Rick mentioned was the one woke me up. I realised how I should not give up. Whatever the problem I have had will never be anything compared to what Dick and Rick had their entire lives. It is shameful yet I have a less productive life and I nearly gave up what has been my dream and what I wanted to do for the world. That reminds me that there are things I haven’t done and there are things haven’t finished yet. I need to sort them out or at least try to do before I talk about giving up. Even if I can’t achieve it I must not give up to give a second, third, fourth, or hundredth try. It is not about positive thinking. It is about to continue working for the sake of our goals. It is about to create something for the world. It is about not-giving-up and that word should be banned forever. That should apply not only for me, but for everyone. There is just no whatsoever reason for people to give up. There is always a way out. There is always something that we can do to overcome every thunders and storms. All we need to do and to have is this spirit of not giving up, the spirit of ‘CAN’.

There will always be storm in between sunshine and sunshine in between storm. Keep sailing, keep smiling, keep living. -eldios


A friend of mine reminded me of a quote which is quite similar to what Joker said in The Dark Knight few days ago:

Whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you STRONGER.


I really want to wish a big huge thank to Dick and Rick Hoyt.

Dick and Rick Hoyt are the REAL Iron Men for me. The two, father and son, are my super-heroes. They are my champion. They gave me new hopes. They brightened the darkness in me. They shine the path for me. They are my inspirations. They saved my life.

P.S: I wish to meet them one day.



Keep Living.

With Love,