I was walking around the city center when I saw 2 brother facing each other so closely in full of anger and hates.

There were 2 men confronting each other about whose religion is better. I could see the hate on their faces. I saw how one of them pointing to other faces and the other replied with bad words. It is indeed very sad for me to see these things. I am not gonna say who is good and evil. It’s never important who is right and wrong. I never understand why people must force others to agree on what they believe as right. Whatever we think it is best for us doesn’t always mean the best for others.

Religion. It’s something really simple for me. I chose my religion based on what I think it suits me the best. I never really care if it was the best religion in the world. Because, don’t we all have the same God? Unfortunately, we are making religion as a top notch in life. Yes, I agree that it is something really important in life. But, why do we have to compete what we believe with others? Why can’t we just let ourselves believe in what we believe and let others do the same? That doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to promote your religion or being secluded from others. We can say what is good about us but should never force anyone to agree. We can have a debate to understand the difference in between beliefs, but that kind of debate should never compare who comes out best. Sometimes people battled out their belief for being the only truthful and they are so proud of it, so they can look down on others. Is this what really a religion teaches? To fight and compete with others? Even if you won the debate, you won nothing but a pleasure. Instead, you just make an enemy. Is that really how things supposed to be? To be in war with whoever not in the same way as us? You don’t have to admit that other is truthful. All you need to do is just to calm down and respect other people belief.

If I could ask a question, what do you think how God feels when He sees this? I won’t say that every religion is the same, but we would all agree that whatever your religion is, heaven is your next destination.

I’m a Buddhist. If people asked me why I chose it, I always answered them, ‘Because it suits me the best’. I never say Buddhist is the most truthful and the one and only people should believe. For me, Buddhism is the best but I never questions other people why they choose certain religion. I believe if each of us can keep our religion in our heart. The saddest thing is people fight and hate each other because of religions and forget love, while whoever the God is and whatever the religion is love is one of the main element of life.


Stop hates. Love more.

World Peace.

With Love,



P.S: Happy Eid al-Adha to everyone.