I was walking down the pedestrian walkway towards city center. I was not in any rush, so I had moments to look around and do my favourite private moment which is to observe others and try to learn from anything I see. This afternoon, I witnessed something that hit me hard in my mind. I saw an armless man wearing a nike hoodie with text ‘LIVESTRONG’. He was running little with his sling bag around his shoulder. Somehow, it hit me hard. I have whined too much about my life. I have 2 arms and 10 fingers more than him. I should consider myself as a lucky man. I often see those disabled people on tv, but seldom I witness with my eyes. I saw one today with a hoodie telling me to livestrong. I’m ashamed to be honest. I am ashamed with what I whine about my life. I whine about how difficult I have to go through my problematic life. I whine about how difficult my course is. I whine about exams. I whine about busy days. I whine about almost everything. But, this must come to an end. I must whine about not many people I can care. I must whine about how I am not able to help others. I should really have to live stronger, break the walls, stand up and stay strong. I don’t have to fight and chase everything. I just need to stand up and survive.

The world is too big to conquer, but it is big enough for us to survive.

I need to keep quite and live on. I shall stop whining and livestrong from now on. I promise.

Thanks to the armless man.


Live strong. Live on.

With Love,