There are many others love you like I do.

There are many people care about you like I do.

Whether I do more than them I don’t know.

All I can say is I ain’t gonna leave.


I’m sure men are on the line to be yours.

I believe many men has fallen in love with you.

They do just like I fall in you.

They really have the right to do.

But all I can say is I ain’t gonna leave.


I can assure you for the heaven and on the earth.

I am the only one never gonna leave you.


They say people come and go like wind blows.

They say it’s about now and move on.

Perhaps I’m dumb but I don’t buy them.

Because I ain’t gonna leave.


I ain’t gonna leave you.

No matter how your feeling is.

No matter if you love me too.

I’m gonna stay loving in this.


If you ever asked me to wait.

Doesn’t really matter about seconds ticking away.

I don’t care if years I have to wait.

I just want to stay.



I didn’t come to win your heart only.

I did come trying to bring happiness.

I did come to stay in you.

I do wait if you ever love me true.

I do wish if you ever kiss me love.

I do care about you.

I do love you true.

I do. I do. I do.

That’s why I’m telling you I ain’t gonna leave.


For you who I love.

For you and your happiness.

I promise you with the whole of my heart and blood.

I ain’t gonna leave you.


I ain’t gonna leave you.

Because I love you true, W.


– Dublin, 06 October 2011 –

Edvyn Andy Wongso©


With Love,