I’m writing this for an apology to my friend whose birthday is today. I completely out of the calendar for the last 1 month or so. I really live my life day to day. I have not managed my time well yet to plan for more than 24 hours of my life. Because of that, I completely forgot that yesterday was 5th October and today is 6th which is my best friend’s birthday. I totally didn’t realise it until she was angry and ignored my apology. I seriously didn’t remember and it was 100% my fault because I never made an effort to remember people’s birthday. The most effort I put is to let my alarm rings to remind me about someone’s birthday. Only those friends who are close, very close to me, that I will record their birthday on my phone. I have been afraid that something like this will happen somehow somewhere at anytime

I’m not looking for any excuses. I am not looking for anything to blame. I won’t blame my god-damn packed schedule this 1 year. I won’t blame the amount of travelling I made which exhaust me everyday. I won’t blame that I have to deal with family beside my study. I can just blame myself for this and it is supposedly not to happen. I really do not know what to say because she said I don’t care about her anymore. Probably she was right. Probably, I have never been a good friend to her, someone who cares about her from the little thing until the big thing like birthday. I am saddened with this seriously. I can’t forgive myself to be honest. I am now thinking that I may not be her good friend anymore. Perhaps I just don’t deserve it.

I apologise for this and I hope that I can improve myself as a friend, a much better friend. Hopefully I can do it.

I also hope she will feel better today and enjoy her day as much as she could do it. And, I am sorry for ruining it from the beginning. I ain’t a good friend yet.


Happy birthday, TVT!

I do care about you. I really do. I’m sorry for what’s happened.

With Love,