My summer ended last week when I finally had to return to Dublin to finish my study. As usual, I didn’t really want to end my days in Jakarta. It is simply because I wanna stay close with someone, but I had to chase my dreams on the other hand.

Last Saturday, I left Jakarta flying on Emirates to Dubai. The disaster began when I saw a man sitting next to me couldn’t stop moving for 1 minute. Because of him, I couldn’t sleep while I had to switch my sleeping pattern using GMT from GMT+6. It became worse when Emirates didn’t notice I ordered seafood meal although I had it in the end but it was quite irritating when the steward didn’t believe I had it pre-ordered online 5 months ago when I bought my ticket.

From there, everything went quite smooth until I boarded the next flight to London Gatwick. The plane was not in great condition. The seat I sat was not comfortable at all. The seafood meal came on time but the next problem came. We landed in North Terminal 10 minutes later than the schedule. Then I read a sign about flight connections to Ireland. It stated I need to go through Passport Control, then Exit, take a shuttle to South Terminal, then pass through Security Check before going to Depature Gate. I had only 1 hour 20 minutes to accomplish all that missions.

The nightmares began when I was queuing for immigration. The very long queue was only served by 1 officer. My next flight was at 8.45 am and I had it done at 8.25 am. I ran down the escalator through the exit door then up to the shuttle station. I took the shuttle tain to South Terminal, ran down to check-in area, up to Security Check and then down to Depature Lounge before I found out it was already 8.45 am. I still tried my best to catch up the gate, but it was too late. I arrive at 8.50 am at the gate and the plane has taken off. I missed my flight for the first time in my life.

I returned to airline information desk with full of sweats and shaking legs. The woman at the desk was very helpful. She brought me up to the airline desk to transfer me for the next flight at 10.45. I felt quite lucky but I was worried if they had enough time to transfer my bag from the previous flight through the security then to lost and found office before going through check-in area and then up to the flight. I thought it was impossible but the customer service woman convinced me they could do it. So, I flew the next flight and arrived in Dublin at 12.15. I waited at the belt for my bag to come out. One by one other bags came out but I felt more and more worried. When there was no one else, I knew that they didn’t make it for my bag. So, I had to report for missing bags while I was so exhausted and I still had to move my stuffs from my friend’s place to my new place.

It was raining in Dublin, I couldn’t reach the landlord phone to pick up keys. It couldn’t be any worse condition because I was hungry and had it with a homesick feeling and missing someone horribly. I went to my friends place nearby to rest while waiting for the landlord. Luckily, he called me after few minutes. I took the key from him then rushed to my friend’s place to move my stuffs. I was so damn tired and hungry. I only had few spoons of fried rice since 2 hours before landing on 2nd emirates flight.

I was quite lucky that my friend managed to borrow a car from his friend and helped me move my things. Although I couldn’t manage everything in one trip, but had it 90% moved. However, my friend had to return his car just after that one trip. So, I had to move my stuffs from Ground Level to Level 4 alone. It took me almost 2 hours to move everything upstairs. For your information, I had 4 big boxes each weighed 25 kg, I also had 4 backpacks, 1 large adidas bag, 1 cabin baggage and many more little paper bag. I believed everything weighed about 200 kg. When I had it done, I felt like dying. I just threw my body on a sofa and sat there doing nothing for 15 minutes. But, that was not everything because my 32 kg big luggage arrived at 8.30 pm. I should have built a lot of muscles by just doing that exercise. Slowly but surely everything went back to normal as I started to tidy up my bedroom. Unfortunately, the disaster withdrew all my energy once I finished tidying my bedroom. I couldn’t care anymore about living room and kitchen. I postponed those 2 rooms for the following days. Then I went to sleep after a long disastrous day which was worsened by the feeling of missing a girl. She might never know how I feel or she might even just ignore me, but I truly love her. By only looking at her pictures before I slept, I felt comforts despite the disastrous day.

Missed flight, missing bag, moving house should never be on the same day.

With Love,

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