Insomnia. That’s what I had in the last 3 days. I couldn’t sleep though I feel exhausted. I just lie down and do nothing. This is obviously not a good sign especially in this spare time of my life when sleep is very crucial. For the last 3 days, I have stayed all night up late till dawn around 5am or 6am before I fell asleep because I had no more energy left. This is even worse because whenever I sleep I dreamt about weird stuffs. Those nightmares (or probably daymares is more suitable) are really disturbing. They even drain more my energy. I’m getting under pressure. I am nervous and worried about the upcoming exam. It is probably wrong because I am trying to ignore this feeling. Because, this in fact put me on to another problem, the so-called miserable love story. As I feel much pressure about my exam and the risk if I couldn’t make it, I am looking for an escape, not for my brain but for my heart. I feel the need of a place where my heart can feel some comforts and where it can hide and stay in peace. I know where it is, the problem is that I don’t know how to get there and every attempts has failed miserably. Should I keep going? I certainly will keep on because I just could not resist that wonderful happiness I feel everytime I am in touch. I really hope she could be with me in these hard times and also forever. I just wanna be with her. I just hope that day will arrive, the day I could finally lie my heart peacefully in hers. ALOVE.

I’m in deep love.