This doesn’t look good. I forced myself a little over the limit yesterday. I woke up late today to realize how little I achieved yesterday. Exam is only in a week time. I’m not yet prepared. I feel like I can do it but I’m not sure if I actually could. The requirements to impress really what worry me a lot. My self-confidence deteriorates drop by drop. I have the mood and drive to study but I am losing my confidence. I’m not sure about what I’m doing and if what I’m doing would be enough. I’m lost. This becomes even worse with the fact I don’t know if I could manage to pull sometime to practice. As I said the exam requires the candidate to impress and this would be impossible to practice just alone like what I have usually done. I need to drill myself on patients trying to impress someone who can also fire me questions. I need lots of practices and it doesn’t look good at the moment. It is even more worse to realise that this part of the exam that actually failed me and caused me to repeat this exam. No one can understand this because most people failed their written. Unlike them, I failed because of my clinical examination. Time is ticking and every seconds count. I’m in danger. HELPS needed. ALERT.

I’m in deep shit.