Dublin, May 1st 2011.


A Quarter of Century! Should I feel bad or glad? It’s my 25th birthday. It’s the first silver mark in my life. It is the most grateful birthday I have ever had.

For the first time ever in my life I did not prepare anything for birthday celebration. I used to buy myself a good dinner but I decided not to this year. I just felt like to spend some times to retrospect myself, to keep it simple and see what I have done in these 25 years, to allow me to see my life from a different point of view. Indeed, there ain’t many things I have achieved in my life. I actually don’t know if there is anything I have achieved. Well, hopefully, yes hopefully, I would have done something in the next few years. I have a big dream, a very big dream indeed. I don’t want to lose that dream. I don’t want to lose that promise. I don’t want to hurt everyone I have promised and I don’t want to hurt my self by becoming the most stupid loser in the history.

Those have given me the courage to keep on living my dream. One said what kind of life is if there is no hope in it and what kind of hope is if there is no dream in it. That is why I would never give up as I never do even though how struggle my life is. When people see me, they would probably think that my life is so easy, a life of a student, just study and end of story. In fact, it is not as simple as that. There are a whole lot of other private problems I have to face. That is the reason why I have struggled much in life. Do I regret? Sometimes. But, I don’t want it to be the reason for failure. That regret should be the reason of my success. That regret should be turned around to be my sweetest smile in the end. And, all I need is just a courage.

I have to try my best for everything. It is not just about my dreams, about what I am gonna do for people. It is more about being a good man. It is about serving people. It is about creating people smiles. This is what I am learning to be. I don’t really care about having honours or medals for my academic achievements. Yes, they could prove that I have better knowledges but studying is not all about brain, it is also about heart. I decided to do medicine because my father wanted me to do so but there are many other reasons why I agreed with my father. I probably the dumbest medical student in the history of medicine but I have succeeded to this penultimate year must mean something. I could tell you that it is the courage, the heart, the love I have to serve sick people. I am probably not a good man myself and that is why I am learning. I am trying to be one. I am going to make it happen. And, this 25th birthday is just the mark I should enter the next step. I have to prepare myself for a new world. I have enjoyed much of my life and I should begin to fulfil my promise and to realise my dreams. It is difficult but not impossible.

That is pretty much I had in mind when I did the countdown. That is my hope for the coming years. Hopefully I can achieve it one day. As I said, I have enjoyed 24 years of life. It has been full of joy and sorrow. It has lots of laughs with friends and families but it also has a lot of struggles in my study and some personal relationships. It has been a good learning phase because I feel tough enough now. I feel that I am ready to hit out. I am ready to achieve my dreams. I am going to fight all out from today onwards for myself, my family, my friends and, most important, for humanity.

This is my birthday. This is my day. I did not feel to celebrate too much.I just hope to achieve the best in my career and love. However, I would like to say special thanks:

1. Thanks to my mother for giving me birth 25 years ago, for the endless care and love she has given me. I know I haven’t been able to repay but I will surely do it although it is impossible to repay everything. I love you, Mom.

2. Thanks to my father for everything he taught me. He is a tough teacher but he develops me into one warrior. He did not treat me like a son, but also as a man. He is the man of my life and I love him much.

3. Thanks to Lord Buddha. For the bless. For the Dhamma. For the teaching. For every enlightenment I have learnt in my life. Please, Lord, don’t ever feel bored to teach me in every ways of life. I love you, my Lord.

4. Thanks to my sisters. Both sisters the elder and the younger. Each of you have created herbs and spices of my life. But, I have understood how both of you actually care of me and love me more than anything, just like I do to you. I have probably done lots of bad things to any of you and I hope be forgiven. I just want both of you to know, I love you, both.

5. Thanks to my best friends: TVT, WP, DNO, AGL, GPK. Thanks to all of you for always be there when I need any of you. All of you have given me the courage to keep moving on. Each of you have given me the reason to keep on dreaming. One said that behind a great man there is a great woman. How am I not grateful for my life? I don’t just have 1 great woman but I have 5. YES! FIVE! I am so thankful for what each of you have given me so far. It is beyond everything. And, I’m grateful I have all of you as my friends. Please, live this friendship endless. Thank you, my friends. I love each of you much. Very much.

6. Thanks to all other families and colleagues who wished me on facebook, blackberry and twitter. I really appreciated that you wished me. It feels good to know that lots of you actually care about me. Thank you and good luck for everyone!

7. Lastly, thank you very much for someone special who inspired me day to day. Someone I have waited for the last 4 years. She has been my inspiration for everything. She probably does not know what she actually means to me. She just means too much to me. She enlightens my life, she is the little light in my dark heart. On the other hand, I probably mean nothing to her. It shows today as she forgot about my birthday. She is the only one did not wish me. I am pretty sad but I could not do anything. I haven’t done much myself to prove to her how important she is to me and how I can be very meaningful for her life till the end of time. I have always blamed how busy I am on my daily activities but I actually shouldn’t do. Hopefully, after this busiest year of my course, I could spare more time to get closer to her. Hopefully, I would be given a chance. If not, I will wait. I will wait until I have no chances. I just love her too much. Therefore, I have to say thanks to her today because she has given me joy in the last 4 years directly or indirectly. And, again and again, I will never bore to shout it out loud! Indeed, I feel proud to say it out loud! I LOVE YOU, W!

It is a quarter of century. It is not the best ever birthday but it is certainly the most grateful one. Hopefully I can write even a better 26 next year and I am really looking forward for it.

Life can be so complicated but it just takes a courage to be a warrior. To fight for the right of love, peace, and happiness.

25 years of age have gone. It is now my time to act. It is my time to be the warrior. For love, peace and humanity!

Live your dream as a warrior and create smiles all over the world!

Thank you everyone for everything!

Living the Dream!

With Love,