Ciao! Buonasera!

I woke up this morning feeling so tired after a short nap due to excessive starcraft missions last night. I felt the very typical laziness as usual. However, there was something I would never want to miss today, my first ever trip to Italy.

I don’t know why but I always wanna go to Italy. I have waited ages for this opportunity to finally arrive. My friend from Jakarta asked me to join her. Italy was up for grab and I did not give a second thought of it. I said yes.

So, there I was in the morning in a windy cloudy Dublin. I took my shower, completed my packing and asked myself “am I going to Italy? Like, for real?”

Then I walked to the bus stop. The aircoach bus arrived at the same time as me so surprisingly I arrived in airport in 15 mins. It was about 1 hour earlier from my departure schedule. So, I just checked-in my boarding pass then pass through the security. After that I bought a cup of Butler’s marshmallow hot chocolate, had a quick breakfast at Burger King, walked down the escalator to the depature gate and aeroplane gate eventually.

Three hours later, I was up in the sky passing by the Alps. Alps is a true heaven. It is very beautiful. Not long after, I landed in Pisa Galileo Galilei Airport.


I then took a bus to Pisa Stazione Centrale to meet my friend. We then walked to The Leaning Tower (not-so leaning anymore). It did not give me a shot like when I visited Borobudur or Eiffel Tower, but to finally arrive there is somewhat like a life achievement for myself.

Done with the tower, we headed to Florence. I didn’t expect what I would have seen in Florence because I never know what this city can actually offer. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! It didn’t give me a shock even a bit in the first place but as I walked passing the pedestrians path towards Ponte Vecchio it grew stronger and stronger that I started to love this city.

When I stepped my feets right in the middle of the bridge looking to the river on the east, I looked through beyond a moment, beyond a beauty. It is a touch. Firenze a.k.a Florence gave me a breeze of summer wind on the Ponte Vecchio struck my heart with love and a sweet welcome. And, I officially fall in love with Florence. It’s a unique city.

Ti Amo, Firenze.

Day 1 review.
Live from Hotel Cosimo de Medici, Florence, Italy.


With Love,