Live long enough to experience
In the sweetest moment of a glance
Deep inside of a beautiful face
We will witness one lady of grace
Infatuation will strike right in the heart
Never stop for even one second
Amazingly hypnotize my mind
Willingly to do everything for one move
In the end it is just a matter of love
Neither me or you could ever stop it
Nocturne is sung through every heart beat
As eyes witness a lovely lady in you
Eagerly I wait for one little sweet smile
Despite whatsoever the ending will be
Wish just to wait for the angel to land
Immortal spirit may stand still till the end
Never stop to chase every possible dreams
Attaining enlightenment in peace and love.

Dublin, 7 March 2011

Edvyn Andy Wongso©


Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to doubleyou!

Wish you a successful career ahead.

Wish you the best of bless and bliss.

Wish you to have a wonderful life.

Wish you to live in peace.

Wish you to find a happiness.

Wish you just to enjoy your day.

Wish you with full of loves!


P.S: I hope you like the gift.


Breithlá sina dhuit, doubleyou!

With Love,