It’s the day! March 6th 2011. The day of my best friend’s wedding. I’m so excited about it because she is the first one of my closest friend who gets married. I’m even excited more than if it was my cousin’s wedding. I have mentioned more than enough again and again that she is definitely a great friend of mine. she played a key role in some parts of my life. We knew each other randomly 7 years ago. I simply could not believe that I still have her as one good listener, well I used to have. She is a friend who supports me brain and heart. She brought another perspective into my life. She is one of a kind. She is a special one.

Well, as much as I believe that marriage should never break the chain of friendship, I am sure that there should be some limitations for our friendship. As it is a new thing for me, I don’t really think or know what I am going to do. I’m still single and available despite getting older. Some parts of me are furious about this but the other half doesn’t really care. Anyway, I probably just stay where I am. I have been done this all my life. I have seen people come and go in my life. I have made myself available to those who need me, and that is exactly what I’m going to do. I’ll wait for a chance to re-announce to the world about our friendship. I’ll stand still for the day with a smile to open wide my arms and my heart to welcome her back. I don’t know how my chance is. It is difficult to predict but it is worth to try. Call me naive, if you like, but for me, a friendship is something worth fighting for if we do it with honesty. I believe there is nothing better to do in this world other than make people smile, and to do it we need to start a friendship, no matter how hard it is. Therefore, I will always be here for her, whenever she needs me, no matter wherever I am.

Finally, this is the day. The day she has been waiting for. The day she makes a huge step in her life. I’m happy for her, for her husband though I have never met him yet, for their family. I’m really sorry I could not attend. I wished I really could, however my unfinished business in Ireland preventing me to do so. I thank both for the invitation card. I will keep it safely here. I would like now just wish them here a big happiness. I wish them a huge healthy happy family forever and after. Congratulations to both of you. Keep love and smiles.


Happy Wedding, TVJT and MHN! For a long life happiness *TOAST*



The Invitation Card


Addressee Me





With Love,