“Vyn, I’m getting married tomorrow!”

I just got that in my e-mail. A very short e-mail sent by my best friend. It has been more than one and half month since we talked for the last time. I wish I could advice her for lots of stuffs. I wish I could be there with her to comfort her, to make her tough. It is sad that I can’t even talk to her for the sake of tomorrow. I do hope what I have sacrified really worth tomorrow and hopefully everything will run smoothly tomorrow. I wish both of them the very best of luck for tomorrow. Again, I’m sorry I can not attend the party.

This is actually very weird. I got the e-mail at the same time I was having a flashback. I flashed through the time back to 7 years ago when I first talked to her. As time went by, our friendship got stronger and tighter underneath the real world. It was a true friendship that no one has ever noticed. It was not on purpose that we didn’t tell anybody. Well, it was a bit of luck on my side because, as I have always mentioned, no one in this world really understand and know who I am because no one really cares about me. I have few great friends but they know nothing about me too. Most people may ask why it is that so. It is more because I seldom share about what is really going on within me. I may give it a try to share with someone and if it doesn’t go along, I wouldn’t go further. most people would probably think that I’m a weird guy who talk much shit stuffs on facebook. I do talk shit stuffs on facebook, because facebook is one of the place I can talk shit but if people think they know me from facebook, twitter or even this blog, they are totally wrong. Not my family, my colleagues, or even good friends know me 100%. However, the only person who may know me better than any other people is this girl, my best friend who is getting married tomorrow. I can say she know who I really am very well. She always tries to understand my weird way of thinking. She has always been there for me each time I frustrated with my life. Probably that a balance between take and give that kept our friendship to the highest level. I have always tried to be the best person that a person can have in life. If someone could treat me well, I would treat one wonderful. That thought to support each other is probably the real secret why our friendship could last for 7 years without a single fight!

Our friendship started to come up to the surface last year when I was told that she has made her decision to get married. It was finally revealed to everyone that me and her are friends. We didn’t formally announce, people found it themselves and shocked about it as no one ever heard I knew her and vice versa. The funniest part is that we had known each other for 6 years at that time but we never met! I went abroad not long after I knew her for the first time. Since then we never got a chance to meet until last year when I told her that we really to meet before her marriage. So, we arranged a lunch and finally meet at Nanny’s Pavilion restaurant in City Loft, Jakarta. Nothing much to say really about that day but I felt really weird. I met someone who I have known and talked to for a long time but never met. It was a mixed feeling between a new friend and an old friend. However, it was easier because I have known her for long time, so it was easier for me to get along, although I still got my first-timer syndrome. First-timer syndrome is a disease I name upon my syndrome to be very quite and difficult to engage with other people for the first time. Anyway, that first meeting was the beginning of everything.

I then bought a blackberry, we started to be more intense. We shared more stories easily even when I have been back to Ireland. The friendship got stronger each day until one day when she asked me to be there for her forever as a friend. I couldn’t reject it because I love her as much as she loves me, a bit more perhaps, but we are still just friends! Unfortunately, I believe her husband is quite protective. I wouldn’t say possessive, but he is very protective, a bit too much in my perspective. So, he felt a bit uncomfortable with my ‘shocking’ appearance in their life. He just knew about me since last summer. The reason why he became very protective is understandable, although it is still arguable if he really needs to do it. I could still give a bit care of people who I don’t know, but I never care of people who never really tried to know me before judging me. So, I went on with the friendship. It got to the level where it was unbreakable. I believe it still stays unbreakable until today although we have to sacrifice for the good of her husband. We stopped talking each other when her husband-to-be made a sudden strike on me. However, that never really changed our friendship. It could stop us talking each other but it will not break the chain. I know and she also know that our friendship is stronger than anything. The care and the love we have between us is tightly bonded in our soul and beat in every beats. I don’t expect her to always be there for me after her marriage but she should know that I will always be here for her.

It has been 7 years, we have only met 2 times but I never regret to have this friendship. It has come to a day which may change the way of it, but it will not end it and this should never end, not after her marriage and not after mine. The only possible way to end this friendship is my death. I believe that one day it will be reinstated. One day we can be friends just the way we have been all these while.

I have to say that I am thankful I have had a very interesting amazing journey with her. Thanks to her willing to be my friend, to know me better. Thanks to her willing to be the best friend I have ever had. Thanks to her to be a place where I can hide from the world. Thanks to her to be a home where I am lost. Thanks to her to be part of my heart-beat.

I have replied her via e-mail things I feel she needs to hear tonight before her wedding. I hope it will all go well. I pray for the bless and bliss of my Lord. I pray for the peace, happiness and fortunes for them. Lastly, I congratulate them to making it finally after 8 years in the relationship.

That concludes my flashback about this great friendship. My mind flew over the years, screening every sweet moments and lands here on a desk in a library in Dublin. As I am holding on my tears, I am smiling right now. I am gonna miss my best friend but I am happy for her. My tears are a bless of happiness. As it drops down, I am grateful that my life-long friend is pursuing her new life. I am not sad, not a bit. I am grateful, indeed.

The Very Best of Bless, VT. I hope you will be a great woman, a supportive wife and a wonderful mother. I know you will.

Bare in mind, we are unbreakable…

…and you know that you will always have me. Always.

I am gonna miss you.

I love you.

Hugs and Kisses.

With Love,