This is my first time watching a concert. It is only because Maroon 5 is the performer I finally decided not to miss the chance. Someone special told me a song by this band. The song is Nothing Lasts Forever. I could never sit and listen to new age bands over and over again. It amazed me when I listened to the song 10 times in a row.

Since then, I listen to Maroon 5 lots of times. I have their last 3 albums CD. Many people must think I am a bit weird because not many people in the world actually know them. Well, that is me. When people listen to Linkin Park or Green Day, I had Beatles. When people go for Bruno Mars or Eminem, I stayed with Andy Williams. When people were crazy about Michael Jackson, I was loyal to Elvis Presley. So, it was a big step for me to actually like a new age band. Maroon 5 is the first one managed to switch me around.

What do I like about them? I think they have their own character. They have their own trademark. They are different. The lyrics are sometimes inspirational, deep, and thoughtful. They sing it with more heart than just vocal cords.

I wouldn’t say I love all their songs but I have to say I like 95% of them. Their album ‘It Won’t Soon Before Long’ was incredible. The latest album ‘Hands All Over’ is fantastic!

Enough said. Here I am at Stalls seat 12 row Z in Grand Canal Theatre, Dublin, Ireland. Five minutes away from Maroon 5 concert. And, yes, I’m alone here, but, who cares? I’m gonna enjoy my night and have a little treat on me. In the end, going to a concert alone is not a bad idea at all. All you need is just to enjoy yourself.

Let’s roll! Maroon 5 in Dublin.

With Love,

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