I had one of the happiest moment in my life yesterday. It was a wonderful feeling and I always love it when I could make someone happy especially someone I love deep inside my heart. Everyone must have known that my best friend is getting married next month and because I could not fulfil her wishes to attend the wedding, I could only offer some little gifts. I bought some pieces of dinner plates and its friends from my Dad and I got my Mom to help me settled it. Well, as my parents they were reluctant to accept me paying for things I bought, for obvious reasons. However, I argued my Mom. I told her that this is for my friend, and whoever I am, I shall never attempt to take free samples from the company. I must pay for it myself, just simply because I want it’s me who give the gift, not my parents. After 2-3 days of arguments, finally my parents gave me a special discount.

I thought when I got the special discount I could buy more stuffs up to my expectation. Unfortunately, when I got the price list, I could not buy as much as I wanted. I felt bad, so bad. I did not just want to make my friend happy but also her ‘gonnabe husband’. Well, something happened exactly a month ago when he was somehow jealous of me and forced me to never talk to my friend anymore. I respect his requests but I have to keep my friendship too. I believe a marriage shall never be a cut-off point for a friendship. It has been a while since the day. I missed her so much. She was the only friend who was willing to help, support and give me any advises for whatever I need. I do hope that one day I could talk to her just like before. I have been trying to do the thing she helped me by myself, but I keep on failing. It is now even worse and getting worse from day-to-day. Why? Because she helped me to sneak out from my shell, to be a man. Since we stopped talking, I felt lonely so much because I could not find anyone else at the moment to always be ready for me. That was the reason she deserves my best friendship. That was why she has become someone special in some parts of my life. That was why I never doubt to give her a special gift-set.

In the beginning I was hoping to be able to buy a set for 4. Unfortunately, my saving is not enough. Part of it is due to I spent my saving on blackberry, I did some charity, and I have not got any income. Therefore, I have limited amount of money. With an unsatisfied feeling, I had to choose a dinner set of 2. It was already at the minimum limit of budget. Then, I tried to add more stuffs. I finally managed to get a set with 2 dinner plates, 2 bread and butter plates, 2 mugs, 2 soup bowls and 2 casseroles. I understand how it does not sound a good gift. I could say it sounded lame. However, for World Kitchen fans should know that Corelle Dinnerware and Corningware Cookware are quite fancy brands in the United States and Australia. They are made by the same manufacturer for Pyrex. The total price after discount was massive but it was nothing compared to what she has given me. She has given me a place to hide in her heart. That hiding place is priceless.

My mother shocked when I told her the list of stuffs I wanted to buy, because I never give someone any gifts as expensive as this. She asked me couple of times if I realised what I was doing. My mother know that I seldom give a gift to someone unless she is very special to me. Yes, I never give a gift to a male person. It has always been a girl and always someone special. Most of the time it would be someone I fall in love with. My mother knew the gift is a wedding gift. That was why she was a bit concerned. She probably thought that this friend was my ex girlfriend who is getting married. However, I told her my friend’s name and she understood that this girl must be a very special friend to me. In fact, she is very special.

With that reason, I did not have any doubts to spend quite a big percentage of my life-saving (the money is my saving since I was 8 years old). I stood by my decision to buy the gift and ask for my mother’s help to deliver to my friend’s place. I really thank my mother for making it a reality as the gift arrived today. I believe she is very happy at the moment with the gift as she was when I told her about giving her the gift. She was the one chose the pattern. So, I’m very sure she is excited and in euphoria. Because, I could feel it too here. I’m happy. I’ve been smiling big today.

I do wish, with this gift, she would be a happy wife and mother. I do wish she will find her happiness with her man. I do not expect or try to please anyone. I have no intention to impress her or her man. I do not have any intention at all. I just think she deserves this treat.

All of these just come down to one hope of mine. I hope that one day I could meet her again, talk to her again, share stories, laugh and cry together, and just like us before, like friends, even if only for 1 hour. If I did not have any more chances to see her and talk with her, I just hoped that she would always keep this ‘100 Euro’ gift and always remember that she has once been a very great friend and be a very special part of my life.


P.S: Good Luck in your new journey, VT. You will always be in my heart and in my prayers. If you read this one day, you should know that you are a great woman, a great friend and I love you. Always. Enjoy the gift.


With Love,