Let the dove fly high beyond the sky
I will never know if you asked me why
Don’t ever demand me for more reasons
Whatever reasons have long time gone
I can only wait and wait for you, I wait
Never will a tiresome heart be a winner
As long as I could stay close to you
Whole heart of mine bleed in blue
I don’t give a damn because it needs you
Never ever can it be anyone but you
No one can make me feel like you do
And I promise you that my love is true
Endless love is all I could now feel
Dear oh Dear, would you please open your seal?
Will play you one sweet little love romance
In the rain the two of us will dance
No! There ain’t any reasons to stop me loving you
As we know now and then the reason is always you.


“For someone I love”

Dublin, 14 February 2011

Edvyn Andy Wongso©


I know that you may never love me in whatsoever way. I won’t ask or push you to try or give me a chance, although deep down at the base of my heart I am hoping, I can’t deny but it doesn’t really matter. All I’m asking is just to let me love you the way I do, no matter how hurt it is gonna be, not for you just me.


Happy Valentine’s Day.

With Love,