It is my second night shift in the labour ward in a hospital. There is nothing really going on at the moment. Only 2 patients are waiting for their labours to start. It is very contradictive to what happen last night on my first ever night in the labour ward.

Last night I attended the shift with very much excitement about delivering baby and all the mechanisms behind labour. When I arrived, the ward was already in madness.

I started my night a bit late around 9.30 pm. I did not know what to do, who to speak to, etc. I was so blurred and just waiting for them to let me know what to do.

It wasn’t long until around 10pm when I was told to attach to a midwife. She is a nice young lady. It was my first ever session and I certainly did not know what I am supposed to do. I could only offer a hand-help although it was not necessarily needed as 22.20 while I was standing at the end of the bed, the patient’s liquor bursted out. I was lucky to stand a bit few meter behind otherwise I would get showered with the liquor. Following that, she delivered the baby and it was easy enough for the midwife. We call it Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery. I will always remember the moment and that it was really SPONTANEOUS!

After that, the night went a bit slow as it was a long break until a woman kept swearing in the ward. She came in at 00.20. Then she was managed to stabilise herself with many types of anaesthetic. After she was calm, we waited and waited for the labour. 02.30 am, nothing happened, we’re still waiting. 03.30 am, still nothing happened. 04.00 am, the midwife tried get the patient to start pushing. I never knew it was that difficult. It was not like in the toilet, bcs you are passing the baby through another path which is different from faeces.

05.00 am, we started to see the baby head but it just did not pop out through the vagina. The mother has worked hard and well but still little progress. She was even needed to be positioned sideways, left and right, and kept pushing with her breaths up and down for the midwife to try delivering the baby. It was very unfortunate that the baby just didn’t want to come out. The patient was the one battling out the labour but I could also feel how painful, uncomfortable, exhausting and life-threatening event it is. However, not long after, the obstetrician arrived and assisted the delivery. Hooray! I was so happy to see the nervous daddy smiled with teary eyes, the mom could not stop smiling. They just got a cute baby girl.

It was such a night full of experiences for me. I will not forget it for a long time. I did not just learn how to deliver babies. I also learnt that:

1. A mother fights really hard in the labour and it requires beyong hard works to get through it. Either one could just lose their life at any seconds. Delivering a baby is not only about getting the baby out from the vagina. The efforts needed was beyond everything. It is a life-threatening event.

2. To be a great man is not only about buying flowers for your girl everyday or earning enough money, but it is also about how you must be there whenever she needs you.

3. It is indeed the most difficult journey of your life is through the birth canal. If you could do it, there is no reason why you can’t do everything else in your life.

My first experience in the delivery suite is super brilliant. There was many things you can learn from. And, with this experience, I would like to thank my mother for battling all out to deliver me 24.5 years ago.

Love your life.
With Love,

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