Have you ever thought how many days, hours, or minutes you remember your mother in your life?


I have to admit that I don’t spend that much time for it. However, today is January 13th 2011. It is my mother’s birthday! I just wanna take this day to remember my mother. I just want to shout it! “Happy Birthday, Mom!” It has been more than 24 years you take care of me. You may have ever got angry with me. You may have been disappointed by me, myself and my attitudes. But, you have been very patient too. You keep yourself calm no matter how upset I am with my life. We seldom share stories. We seldom talk about me and my life. But, that doesn’t mean you aren’t any great. Because you are great and I would never subsitute you with anyone, not even for a fraction of second. You grew me to be a responsible man. You grew me with the best you could do. And, I hope to make your wishes to come true. I love you, Mom. And, Happy Birthday!


Happy 57th Birthday, Mom!

With Love,