Have you ever thought…

What if…

A mistake you made turns out

to be one blessed gift?


It is a mistake.

This whole thing about love is a mistake.

It was my fault to fall.

It was your fault to let me fall.


Now I am drowning in this love

and you don’t even try to move.

It may be a mistake

but it was a worth risk to take.


It is never a thing to regret

because I knew you’re the highest bet.

Indeed it was a real mistake.

But, what if, it is a mistake I like to make?

What if, it is a mistake I never fake?

This is a serious crime

which I don’t give it a damn.

Because, all I know is you who I love

and this mistake has turned into one blessed love.

Because I love you.

Yes, you, doubleyou.

– Edvyn Andy Wongso© Drogheda, 11-1-11-


It doesn’t matter if we’ll make it side by side on one altar one day to vow to be together forever but you need to know or, at least, will know well ahead that there was once a true love I keep for you.


just for you.

With Love,