Once upon a time, Bryan Adams sings, “Have you ever really loved a woman?”


I don’t know if this is love actually feels.

I wait, I see, I love.

I am not asking for a chance or seconds.

I just love.

I don’t ask for a return, I regard it as a gift.

A gift, for you not me.

But this is not a decision to make

Because love should never be a fake

If you spark a ‘flick’ for me to take

I will have a promise not to break

I don’t just offer a love then leave

I have a bliss and happiness to give

Because I’d never really loved a woman

Not until I fall in love you again and again.

Now I drown in your ‘love’ sea

Why don’t you open your eyes to see?

-Edvyn Andy Wongso© Dublin, January 9th 2011-


I am here!

With Love,