It is not a plan. It is not a hope.
It is more than a resolution. It is beyond a dream.
It is a target.

I wrote a New Year’s Resolution for each new year in 2009 (click here: 2009 Resolution) and 2010 (click here: 2010 Resolution). In 2009, I did not wish many things because an unfortunate event has hit me just before I wrote the resolution. It was a year when I was weak and learning to stand up. On the other hand, I started 2010 with a great hope and expectation and a much longer list of the resolution, although it was only for 1 week before a lot of unfortunate events kept trying to make me mention the word: “give up”. The difference compared to 2009 is I already stood up and tried to stood still no matter how many problems made me depressed. I did survive from 2009 and 2010. I grew stronger and it is now a new chapter, a new life. For that reason, I am not gonna write a resolution this year. I will write a New Year’s Target.

And, here is the list:

  1. As a student, the number one target must always be to pass all exams in time in one attempt.
  2. As I am finishing my study, it means I will have more responsibility towards my parents’ business. I expect myself to be ready as a successor and I must be ready by this year.
  3. I will be going back to Jakarta and then to Sydney as a final year student. It is not negotiable!
  4. Needless to say anymore that my relationship with my younger sister needs to be repaired since it is now beyond damage, and this needs a will from both sides. I will find a way to reinstate the missing brother-sisterhood.
  5. My last target for 2011 is to be a better man. A man who is ready and strong enough to love and care for woman. I’ll be a quarter of a century and surely I need to take my life more seriously from now on. Well, if lucky enough, maybe I should expect for a new status, but honestly I don’t see it is coming this year. I have found the last piece of my puzzle. All I need now is just a little sign, once I’m given a sign, I will finalize the proposal. Because, I just need to find out if I fit well as her last puzzle piece too. If I do, it means we have the same puzzle and our mathematic equation is 1 + 1 = 1. This is not just a hope or a dream anymore. This is a target. A friend of mine told me: if you didn’t chase, how would you know she would run away?


Today, the New Year begins as the school starts, therefore I will start chasing those targets from now on. I will make sure I will achieve all five, hopefully more than just those five. If 2009 was a miserable year and 2010 was a spectacular year, 2011 will be a sparkling one and I am optimist about that.


Let’s the diary starts!

With Love,


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