It is another January 1st. It is another new year. Yes, it is just another day, but it is a day with a new hope, new expectations and new spirits. It is the time to build the stronger foundation for a new chapter in our life.

2010 is now a history and I’m very much looking forward for a better, brighter 2011. Well, 2011 will be a much busier year for me and hopefully it will go well with a great outcome by the time I write another post next year. I have made a list for what I expect in 2011. 2011 will be a challenging and enjoyable year, hopefully! So, why wait any longer, let’s begin the journey!

January 2011

  1. My mother’s birthday is always dated according to Chinese Lunar Calendar. This year, my mom’s 57th birthday falls on January 13th 2011. She has been battling for 24 years 8 months 3 days plus 9 months 10 days (until today) in her life just for me, just me. I love you, Mom!
  2. This month is the biggest challenge for me. One month for what they said as the scariest, busiest, most difficult medical attachments, Obstetrics and Gynaecology. This is what worries me all the time. When everybody else is afraid of something, I am somehow excited about it.

February 2011

  1. CHINESE NEW YEAR will not be any later than February 3rd! Another new year for me, another day for a new hope.
  2. End of course examination for Obstetrics and Gynaecology falls on the eleventh. If there is something I never look for in my study is an exam, whatever the subeject is, I don’t like exams!
  3. Next on the line in February is Valentine’s Day! Anyone will like this day. This is the day for everyone to share more loves for family, for partners, for friends, for enemies.
  4. This month will never be completed without my first ever concert. It is gonna be Maroon 5! Live in Dublin on February 24th.

March 2011

  1. March has always been one of the most important months for me in the last four years. This year, it will even be more important. My best friend, the Hello Kitty maniac, TVT is getting married on March 6th. How I really really really wished to go home for the weekend just to attend her wedding. I want to see her in her wedding gown. I want to see her on her happiest day in her life. I want to see her taking the first step to be more than just a woman. However, money is the biggest problem as it does to many people around the world, especially Europe at the moment. The flight ticket price between Dublin and Jakarta is not something like Singapore-Jakarta. It is something you would buy because you desperately need to go home. Although, lots of my friends have got married, but among my best friends she is the first one. I do hope that someone would donate about 800 Euros, it would be a wonderful magical month for me, because I currently do not have enough money to pay even half of the ticket at the moment while, on the other hand, I need to save some money for something I have planned for next year. Apart from that, I also have a day course just the day before which I must attend. I feel so bad for her. I am truly sorry that I can not attend her wedding unless there is a miracle. All I can do now is only to pray that she has found her best man who deserves her fully inside out and will promise me to take care of her in bitterness and happiness from the day they become husband and wife until the end of time, and I wish her the very best of a new life, I wish her to live happily ever after. (note: V, if you read this one day, you should know that I write this paragraph with a heavy heart and tears stream down my face. I am sorry, girl.)
  2. The next biggest event in March is the birthday of someone special in my life. Yes, it is doubleyou’s birthday. As much as I want to attend TVT’s wedding, I also wish to deliver a birthday present for doubleyou by myself. Dreams sometimes can only be dreams, but we shall never stop dreaming because when you stop, it is the time you lose your life.

April 2011

  1. April never really played an important role in my life. It has always been a transition between March and May. However, April in this year is the last month of my academic year 2010/2011. That means exam will come after and, as I said, I don’t like exams!
  2. However, approaching the end of the month, my best friend, AGL will be celebrating her birthday on the 29th. Her birthday date is, I believe, one of the reasons why we have such a great friendship. We knew each other for the first time on October 2000 during a school retreat session. She was trying to comfort me when I regretted what I have done to my mom few months before. I talked to her for the first time just a day after I talked to doubleyou for the first time.

May 2011

  1. May is the most busiest time in my life every year since I was born. It is simply because my birthday falls on this month.
  2. Second to that, since I attend school, May is always the exam month because it is the month of either the mid or the end of an academic year. It will also be the same this year. Eight scheduled exams are already on the calendar for me to execute. If I pass eveything, I will be in the final stage of my course and a closer step to my first degree.
  3. As I grew older, I just could not believe that two of my best friends, WP and SY, were born on May 12th and 14th, respectively. Especially, for WP, this month is now a busy for us as we are doing a birthday gift exchange.
  4. May is also when my younger sister will celebrate her birthday. Well, the difference in our age is exactly 2 years 20 days.
  5. If there is one day I will be a full-time religious is on Vesak Day, which falls on May 17th this year. This completes May as the celebration month, vertically and horizontally.

June 2011

  1. This month will be the most nervous month for me. My exam results will be revealed on this month and when I pass everything, I can go home as soon as June 15th! I seriously can’t wait to be home again. There is too much things I missed.
  2. My best friend of all time (because we have been friends for 15 years) will celebrate her biggest day on this month. DNO’s birthday falls on June 11th.
  3. If everything goes as planned, I will be doing my elective in Siloam Hospital starting this month for 3 weeks. Hopefully it will be an enjoyable one and I hope to make some more friends, perhaps some boys. I just realized that all my best friends are girls.

July 2011

  1. “Sydney, here I come, again!” Yes, I will be going to Sydney again this year to do one month elective and hopefully it will an amazing journey again this time.
  2. If my mother’s birthday is dated according to Chinese Lunar Calendar, my father’s birthday is not. His birthday is dated as Caesarean Calendar and we always celebrate on the same day, July 28th. That makes us easier to remember but does not meant easier to forget how much he has sacrificed for us. My father never understands what the ‘modern’ children are like. However, behind his strong character, he is a true hero. People will never understand who he is if they don’t live beside him and try to see his journey. My dad has sacrificed 24 years 8 months 3 days (until today) in his life, just for me. Yes, he has less years than my mother, because he was not the one went through pregnancy. However, above all, he is a warrior, a survivor, a hero. I’m proud of you, Dad!
  3. This year, especially on July, will mark the 4th year I fall in love with doubleyou. I always believed that 4th year is the most difficult one as I failed my previous relationship in the 4th year. However, this time, I feel much more in love, I just fall deeper and I should tell her that before I can not climb up, in the case of rejection. I hope it will never happen.

August 2011

  1. I will be back in Jakarta around mid-August and have a 2 weeks holidays in Jakarta. These 2 weeks must be spent wisefully. I need to see AGL, DNO (and her boyfriend, if possible), GPK (and her boyfriend, I hope), WP (and a boyfriend, she must bring one!), SY (if possible), TVT and her husband, last but not least, doubleyou (and this one should not have a boyfriend).
  2. On the last day of the month I will be flying back to Dublin if everything goes as planned, and I will be in the final year.

September, October and November 2011

  1. I will be studying and executing my final year in these months with an expectation to graduate on the earliest day possible.
  2. However, October is also one of the celebration month. TVT’s and GPK’s birthday are in this month, 6th and 27th, respectively.

December 2011

  1. December is the last celebration month of the year. My elder sister’s birthday will complete the celebration followed by Christmas and another December 31st.
  2. December will be, as usual, my reflection month. I will also need to plan for the better 2012. This is the month to review all the achievements and battles throughout 2011 and should be the most wonderful month in my life because I can start countdown the days as I will become a doctor in 5 months time.

The above is the plan for 2011 and the celebrations I will celebrate. Hopefully, I will achieve all my targets and, by the end of the year, I can write a remarkable review with a great adventure awaits in 2012.

New Year. New hope. New luck. New spirits. New status.


With Love,